Election signs Going up for Bangkok Governor


Over the last week, election campaign posters have been going up for the Bangkok Governor election. Both of the major parties are backing their own candidates which is a bit like lines being drawn again between the Reds and Yellows. The other day I saw a picture posted on Facebook of a BMA official parked in front of a sign for a Bangkok Governor candidate. The Facebook poster was accusing this man of putting up this sign. The only evidence here is that he is touching it and that there is another sign in the back of the pick-up truck. Apparently, another group posted the exact same picture on Facebook, but this time accusing the BMA official of taking down the campaign poster! So, which one is right?

In my opinion, he is taking it down. Many of these campaign posters are a nuisance to the public. I have seen them at the top of Sois blocking the view for cars trying to get out. There are also on the sidewalk blocking the way for pedestrians which means they have to step out into the road. A few here and there probably won’t hurt, but they really go over the top trying to outdo each other,.

Hat-tip to @Thai_Talk for this combined picture

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