Bilingual Bicycle Magazine Launched in Thailand


Over the last few years in Thailand, cycling as a hobby and a sport has seen incredible growth. This has been helped by the prices coming down for mountain bikes and road bikes. It is great to see more people using their bicycles to get around. When I bought mine about one and a half years ago I didn’t think that I would use it that often. But, as it turned out, I am using it literally every day from running errands to exploring new areas. I often take it with me on trips as it gives me the freedom to explore more easily at my destination. I can take my bicycle on the skytrain for free or if I am driving, I use my bicycle rack. For me, cycling has opened up a whole new world. Not only in finding new places I never knew existed before, but also in making a new set of friends.


Already there are quite a few bicycle clubs that you can join for activities at the weekend. However, many of these are for the serious cyclist who wear all the proper gear. But often you can join free tours which are advertised on the Bangkok Bicycle Campaign Facebook page. These ones are for cyclists of all ages and ability. The other month, Bangkok’s first cycling map was published. Now comes the news of a bilingual magazine for cyclists. This is being printed in English and Thai and contains articles about cycling in Thailand. It is free and you can pick it up from bicycle shops, bicycle cafes, selected fitness centers, selected restaurants and in shopping malls. There will be two versions. A digital version that you can view online or download as a PDF file. That is available now. The printed version will be available in early January.

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