Asiatique SKY to Open in December 2012

Bangkok is soon to get a new tourist attraction along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is called the Asiatique SKY and is a 60 meter high Ferris wheel. According to the Facebook page of Asiatique, the big wheel is due to open in December 2012. This is not a permanent structure like the London Eye which towers over this one at 135 meters. However, it is the same as the giant Ferris wheel on Champs Elysees near Place de la Concorde in Paris. They are both made by the same company, Dutch Wheels, and seem to be the same model. No prices have been released yet, however the Paris version costs 10 Euros for Adults (398 Baht) and 5 Euros (199 Baht) for children over ten.

UPDATE: Prices have just been released. Adults are 200 Baht and Children 150 Baht. Asiatique have decided to use the “dual price system” and will charge foreigners 250 Baht. It is nt know if this is the price for both foreign adults and children. Some Thais already complaining it is expensive. No reaction from foreigners yet. It is cheaper than the one in Paris (6.2 Euros here compared to 10 Euros in France), but Paris is an expensive city where cost of living is much higher.

The following information comes from the Dutch Wheels website. The height of the wheel is approximately 53 meters with a diameter of 50 meters. There are 42 air-conditioned gondolas and each can carry 8 passengers. The load for each gondola is 600 kilos (based on 8 people weighing an average of 75 kilos each). The maximum capacity for the big wheel is 336 people.

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