Two New Photo Blogs About Thailand

I take a lot of pictures with my iPhone which I often post on Twitter. However, people usually only get one opportunity to see these pictures which is a shame. So, I thought that I should do a photo blog instead which would be a kind of photographic archives of my tweets. The first one is which I Tweet using @RichardBarrow. These are all live pictures blogged from the location so there won’t be much of a caption. However, its a good way for me to keep notes which I will use later to write longer blogs for here at and also at and

The second new photo blog is and as the name suggests it has iPhone pictures of all the food that I eat each day. I tweet these using @EnjoyThaiFood. Again, these won’t have much of a caption as I am blogging them live from the food shops. But, I might use some of them to write in more detail at either or

2 thoughts on “Two New Photo Blogs About Thailand

  • October 25, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    Your blogs have always helped me with planning activities countless times. I really must thank you for all you’ve done so far.



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