One Reason Why it Floods in Bangkok

I am no expert, but I would think that what you can see in this picture is one reason why it floods so easily during storms in Bangkok. Residue cement from a nearby building site has flown down into this drain. That’s not all. A lot of sand and bricks from last year’s flood walls have also been dumped down the drain. I saw some people do it with my own eyes. Between this and rubbish being dumped in the gutter, no wonder Bangkok floods after ten minutes of rain.

2 thoughts on “One Reason Why it Floods in Bangkok

  • September 29, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    The biggest reason Richard is Bangkok has been built on a river delta, with little thought for drainage in the rush to make a fortune!
    Prior to all the development Bangkok was cool, quite literally, with many klongs and canals flowing freely though the city, and many of them were tree lined, cooling and cleaning the air far in excess of the capabilities of the millions of air conditioners now in use there.
    Best example I can think of just now is Thanon Wittayut, now 8(?) lanes each way, originally a klong with traffic lanes either side with both the canal and the roads being tree lined. That was cool.
    I have no doubt your own points bear great weight and I am the last to argue with them.

    • September 29, 2012 at 9:51 pm

      It is true that a lot can be learned from the ancestors as I have mentioned before. They dealt with floods by building canals everywhere. In the old days, most people also lived on floating rafts on the rivers. Only rich people lived on land. Many of these canals have now been filled in to make way for roads. Others have been encroached upon to build houses. Flood plains now also have been concreted over to build housing estates and highways. What I mentioned is just “one reason”. There are many I am sure.

      Thanks for your input.


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