New Number Plates for Thai Cars

The Department of Land Transport in Thailand will soon be releasing a new series of number plates. Instead of starting with two letters of the Thai alphabet, the new plates will have a number followed by two letters. This will then end with a series of digits as before. This now should be enough for 56 million plates which they reckon will last for another 157 years.

One thought on “New Number Plates for Thai Cars

  • December 17, 2018 at 7:59 am

    Hi Richard
    Do you know if the Digit+2Char+4Digit sequence is
    1. unique across all of Thailand?
    2. to be issued outside of BKK?

    It is not clear to me whether each Province uses their own sequence (in which case the same “2Char+4digits” could turn up in more than one province), or whether there is central coordination so that each province uses a range within the national sequence.

    Andrew Wells


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