More Thai Beauty Products for Women’s Private Parts

Last week there was a lot of buzz on social media in Thailand about the commercials on TV for “vaginal whitening wash”. We all know that Thais, both men and women, are obsessed by being white, but this is going to an extreme. This story was quickly picked up by the international media including in The guardian with this article, “Thailand’s skin-whitening craze reaches woman’s intimate areas”. Then @laurenewill tweeted this picture with the caption “More Thai beauty products for private parts”. The one on the left is called “Bust Cream” and for 348 Baht ($11) will allegedly make your breasts a bit firmer. The one on the right, which costs 215 Baht ($6.90), is called Pink Nipple Cream, which apparently will make the colour of your nipples a little softer.

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