Map of Route for Car Free Day in Bangkok on Sunday

World Car Free Day 2012 activities will be taking place in Bangkok and other cities across Thailand on Sunday 23rd September. In Bangkok, over 12,000 cyclists are expected to take part in a parade across the city wearing the colours of the Thai flag: red, white and blue. There are no longer any shirts left over as too many people registered. So, if you are going, try and wear one of these three colours. The opening ceremony is at the Royal Plaza (A) and the cyclists will parade through Bangkok to Lumpini Park (G). Here the Bangkok Governor is expected to officially open the event at 10 a.m. There will then be activities at the park for the rest of the morning. Some of the roads in this area will be closed to cars. Don’t forget, if you want to take your bicycle on the BTS this weekend, it is free for both you and your bike. However, on the MRT, you will need to pay and your bike has to be able to fold up.

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