Bangkok Car Free Sundays

There is a growing trend in Bangkok for people to get on their bicycle and to cycle around the city. It is safer and more enjoyable than you may think. There are more cycle lanes now and we are also starting to see restaurants with bicycle racks. I think it is much the same story around the world. Since the late 1990’s, many cities around the world have been organizing annual Car Free Days. The official day is now 22nd September. Thailand has been taking part for just over five years now.

In Bangkok, there is a Facebook group that organizes monthly cycle rides around the city under the name “Bangkok Car Free Sunday”. Each time they take you to a different part of the city to explore. Yesterday’s event was attended by several hundred cyclists. Other times it might be less than fifty. It is free to join and you don’t have to be young or physically fit. Their next big event is for International Car Free Sunday. In Bangkok, and elsewhere in Thailand, they will be organizing events for Sunday 23rd September 2012. If you have a bike, leave your car at home and join this event.

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