Nong Kong all set for new Viral Video

Thai Schoolboy Nong Kong became famous back in May when he uploaded a video onto Youtube of him lip-syncing to a popular Thai song. It was a cute video as he kept looking over his shoulder to see if his mother would catch him singing a girlie song. Within just a short time the video went viral and he got over 3 million hits. It also spawned parody videos with one man pretending to be Nong Kong all grown up but still shy as ever. (I just took a look and his video has now had 4,594,545 hits. ) A couple of weeks after it was uploaded, his identity was discovered and he was invited onto the Woody Talk Show. I guess since then his life has been a rollercoaster of guest appearances.

Now comes this new video which I guess you could call a “remake” though it features a series of different songs that he lip-syncs to. It is obviously shot in a studio this time. There are also guest appearances from popular stars. What it seems to be in the end is a promotional video for the “Five Live Enter10 Concert” which will take place on 29 September at BITEC Bang Na. Presumably he will be featured in the concert as well. Click here to watch the latest video.

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