Proposal for Armored Buses in Bangkok

The other day there was a headline in the Bangkok Post that said “Bus staff, Commuters braving the battle line”. This is referring to Bus No59 that is on the dangerous Vibhavadi-Rangsit route. According to the Bangkok Post, buses and bus stops along the road have been staging grounds for violent clashes between students of the Thaivichitsilp Art School and Don Muang Technical School for decades. Last week, a 17 year old student fired at the No59 bus because he said he saw a group of Thaivichitsilp Art School students on it and they pulled out knives. His gunshots killed a Thaivichitsilp student and a 48-year-old woman passenger and wounded two other passengers. This picture was photoshopped by someone on the Sanook forums as a suggestion to make it safer for both passengers and drivers on this route.

Sources: Nation and Bangkok Post

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