ATM in Bangkok malfunctions and spurts out free money

MBK shop vendor @nokiablack72  went to get 1,500 Baht at an ATM near his shop last night at about 6:00 p.m. To his surprise, 2,000 Baht came out. He checked the slip but it clearly stated that only 1,500 Baht was withdrawn from his account. For some reason he was given an extra 500 Baht. He then tweeted this to his followers. The rest of the story is probably urban legend. But, a short while later, a Nation reporter tweeted this picture of a rush on the ATM that was spurting out free money. Obviously news spread fast. More media picked up the story very quickly until finally, at 6:41 p.m., the ATM was shut down. Sounds a bit like a script for a movie. Well, in fact there was such a Thai movie not long ago called ATM (Er Rak Error).

Update: Since his original tweet, @nokiablack72 denied that he used the ATM himself and that in fact it was a friend. But, the story, more or less, is apparently true. What is not known is whether the people were allowed to keep the extra cash that they received.

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