First Day of Rabbit Card on the Skytrain

Today saw the official introduction of the Rabbit Card for the BTS skytrain system in Bangkok. There is a lost of confusion about it and I guess they were lucky that today was a public holiday. The queues you see here at the ticket office at BTS Bearing could have been a lot worse. From what I understand, the new skytrain extension from BTS On Nut to BTS Bearing has different owners so you cannot just use the normal BTS pass. So, they had to come up with a universal pass that we will eventually be able to use across the BTS, MRT and BRT transport networks. For the moment you can only use the Rabbit Card for the BTS. If you are travelling on the new extension you need to change now for the new card. Elsewhere you can keep your old BTS passes. I was told that as the queues were so long today, a guard at Bearing was selling Exit Tickets for 15 Baht for people to use with their old BTS passes. I am not sure how long they will continue doing this, but if you live along the extension then you should change to a Rabbit Card as soon as you can.

For more information, please read: How to use the Rabbit Card on the BTS Skytrain

One thought on “First Day of Rabbit Card on the Skytrain

  • May 25, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    The card is rip off as far as I am concerned.
    Before if you had the other card you could save money by paying the money and the cost of each trip was less than paying cash money each time.
    If you bought the maximum amount on the old style card your average trip cost could get down to around 18 baht per trip..which made it worth while paying for in advance.
    The Card is not saving me any money when I buy say 2000 baht worth of credit…at least not as far as I can see because when my card says 2000 baht value remaining and I go from Bearing to Surasak, when I exit the card now display the remaining amount left on the card saying 1945 baht remaining…which means I used 55 Baht deducted off the card …which is the exact same price if I paid “coin cash”
    So now …all the Rabbit card is a “BTS debit card” with no reduction or savings on price per each trip.
    Stupid and no sensible advantage


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