Two Songkran Events this Weekend in Bangkok

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Songkran is over. I am getting press releases nearly every day of upcoming events. The latest are for two Songkran events in Bangkok this weekend, 21-22 April 2012. The first one is by the Liap Khlong Mon Community in Lad Krabang. These people are Thai-Raman and often celebrate Songkran later than the rest of the country. You will be able to watch their traditional game of Saba. There will also be a parade and a ceremony to bathe monks. The second Songkran event is by the people of Khlong Saan. Again it is 21-22 April 2012. This will take place under Saphan Taksin on the Sathorn side. On Saturday they will make merit with monks from 7 p.m. and then after lunch there will be bathing of the monks followed by a parade at 2 p.m.

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