Thailand’s Top 10 Twitter Pics of the Week

Many pictures are posted about Thailand every day. These are just ten that caught my attention that I am posting here as the Top 10 Twitter Pics of the Week. If you find any good ones next week, please bring it to my attention on Twitter by adding “cc @RichardBarrow”.

This is something that you don’t see on the tollway that often. Thank goodness. It is a passenger van on fire on the tollway near the Rama II exit. This was tweeted by @LiilyBuNnZy on Saturday night. A news update later said that no-one was hurt in this dramatic crash though it was a long time before firefighters were able to attend the scene.

On the afternoon of Saturday, there was an explosion in the basement parking lot of Lee Gardens Plaza in Hat Yai. Initial reports said that it was caused by a gas explosion in a restaurant. But, it was later revealed that it was caused by a car bomb. This picture was tweeted by @Rawangpai.

This picture was tweeted by @travelhappy with the caption “Sleeping Amongst the Treetops at Bangkok Treehouse”. This place is one of the latest eco-friendly hotels that have opened in Thailand where people can get back to nature with this jungle experience. Amazingly it is on the edge of Bangkok alongside the Chao Phraya River.

This picture was tweeted live by @NuPink who was trapped with others on the 4th floor of Lee Garden Hotel in Hat Yai after an explosion in the basement caused a fire. Another person tweeted a picture from a smoke-filled elevator calling for help. In this case, @NuPink tweeted about an hour later that she had successful escaped but she was worried about her friends.

This fun picture of superman holding up a tuk tuk was shot at Dream World to the north of Bangkok. The picture was tweeted by @ulrikafredrikso.

On Sanam Luang in Bangkok, they are building the Royal Crematorium. The building in this picture is where the royal family will sit during the cremation ceremony. The actual crematorium can be seen at the back. It still has scaffolding on it and it is not lit up. Picture tweeted by @RujTH.

A garbage truck managed to hit a utility pole on Pattanarkarn road, flip over and at the same time get itself caught up in the power lines. This resulted in about four or five utility poles falling down blocking the road. It took workers most of the day to rectify the problem. This amazing picture is by @ChickyDance.

It would seem that all tourists love to have their picture taken with a Ronnie McDonald doing a “Thai Wai”. I often see them doing this in Bangkok. This one was tweeted by @lsmttt.

I was tweeted this picture of a t-shirt by @Bwitchbrooke who wanted to know what the Thai words say. It is actually a cool one. If you keep getting annoyed by touts then just wear this t-shirt. It says: “Massage, tuk-tuk, suits. I don’t want. Thank you very much.

Nearly every day there seems to be a big fire around Bangkok. This black plume of smoke was captured by @Golfmarley. The fire was at the Panich building on Sukhumwit 42. The picture was taken at Ekamai Bus Terminal.

One thought on “Thailand’s Top 10 Twitter Pics of the Week

  • April 1, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Great set of photos Richard, an excellent examples of several different sides of life here in Thailand.

    My sympathies to the victims of the Lee Garden Hotel incident in Hat Yai.


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