Average Monthly Expenditure for Thai People

According to the results of an ABAC Poll, Thai people spend on average 9,197 Baht per month. The same poll found that 76.6% of Thai people don’t have any savings. The monthly expenditure breaks down as follows: Eating 5,222 Baht, travelling 3,789 Baht, entertainment 1,416 Baht, water/electricity 1,260 Baht, clothes 1,187 Baht, lottery 892 Baht, essentials 726 Baht, mobile phone 526 Baht and internet 435 Baht. Source: @Top10Thai

2 thoughts on “Average Monthly Expenditure for Thai People

  • March 7, 2013 at 8:47 am

    Dont understand that as when you add it all up it comes to over 15000baht


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