Day Trip to the Giant Dragon in Nakhon Pathom

Day Trip to the Giant Dragon in Nakhon Pathom

A highlight of any trip from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom is surely the giant dragon that climbs up a tall tower building at Wat Samphran. I took a friend there at the weekend as well as to five other places of interest. We visited two riverside markets for food stops, an air orchid garden center, a temple where they specialize in traditional tattoos, and a transportation museum. None of these places had an entrance fee. The following photos were tweeted live during the trip.

6 thoughts on “Day Trip to the Giant Dragon in Nakhon Pathom

  1. Great post! I have been to Wat Sam Pran several times, never could climb up the dragon, and nobody could tell me when it’s open!

    I would add Wat Sisa Tong, Wat Onoi, the Boeing along hwy 346 at 14.039250,100.094150 and insect museum at Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen (and now it’s time for pink flowers there) to the list.

  2. The giant dragon and tower are NOT open to public. I went today and showed pictures from this post, and people remembered, but only with a lot of patience, luck and social skills of a Farang friend (I have been 3 times already since 2013 and every time got a different story why it’s not open, and different information when it will be open) we finally got in (after 1 hour waiting and talking with various people, each of them rejecting responsibility).

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