Passion Delivery in Bangkok

passion delivery

One of the things that I do at the start of every month is to place an order with Passion Delivery. For people like myself who live in the suburbs, companies like Passion Delivery are a godsend. They do all of the hard work for us by bringing together over 350 products from 35 different artisan shops in Bangkok. I like ordering the sausages from Sloane’s and pies and pasties from Gourmet Pie. I’ve also ordered from the health food shops.

passion delivery

What I do these days is order together with my fellow foreign teachers and then we have it delivered straight to our school. It’s so much easier for us as we don’t get to see food like this at our local Big C and Tesco Lotus. They also deliver upcountry, but you need to have a minimum order. I think, even if you live in Bangkok, it is worthwhile using a company like this as it is way too hot at this time of year to fight the traffic and queues at checkouts. Delivery charges start from only 80 Baht depending on where you are. Out to Samut Prakan we pay 250 Baht which is not bad considering the distance. But, it works out much less than that as I share the cost with other teachers.

There are, of course, other delivery services like Passion Delivery, that deliver food from multiple shops or multiple restaurants. If you have any favourites, or have used Passion Delivery, then please post in the comments below.

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