Getting Old. Time to buy some Glasses

Getting Old. Time to buy some Glasses


Age has been creeping up on me for a few years now. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be. I like to blame my worsening eyesight to my addiction to my smartphone and Twitter. When I switched to the bigger screen of iPhone6 Plus I got a reprieve for a short while. But it didn’t last long. I knew the time had already come (and passed) that I needed to go to the optician to get my eyes tested. It wasn’t just a vanity thing, that I didn’t want glasses. It was mainly because I couldn’t trust myself to look after them. I get through so many sunglasses that it is crazy. I wasn’t keen on buying something that would cost thousands of Baht if I couldn’t look after them. But then, a chance encounter with a foreign photojournalist the other day changed my life. Literally. (Don’t you love it when that happens?)


The first thing I learned was that I didn’t need to go to the optician. Nor did I have to pay a lot of money. I could just buy them on the side of the street at night markets. The photojournalist told me that he bought his on Sukhumwit Road between Nana and Asok. I tried on his glasses and I was literally bowled over. The text on my iPhone became crystal clear. Almost 3D like. But you know the best things about these glasses? They cost from only 50 Baht a pair! Crazy. So, last week when I came across one of these stalls I bought four pairs that I am just leaving lying around the house. Of course, you get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of the lens. But, you cannot dispute the clarity of the image.

When you go to buy these glasses, you need to look for the sticker on the lens. I bought a +2 for when I am typing on my laptop and a +1.25 for when I am reading a book. I also bought a +3 for my DSLR camera. To shoot video I have to hold the camera up and look at the LCD screen. But, it was never in focus for me. Now with the +3 glasses that cost me only 50 Baht I no longer have a problem. As everyone has different eyesight, you need to test out which glasses are best for you and for what situation. They go up in increments of 0.25. You can also get minus increments such as -2 if you are having trouble seeing the television. If you don’t have a night market or temple fair near you, you might also be able to buy them at the small stalls at Big C or Tesco Lotus.

I hope this information will be of use to someone like me who has been putting off the inevitable.

5 thoughts on “Getting Old. Time to buy some Glasses

  1. If you are now using +2 for the computer it must be a reall different from before!

    It might still be worth getting your eyes tested so you understand your true prescription even if you keep buying 50 bhat pairs on the street.

  2. Richard, I suggest you visit your eye doctor -( any hospital will do )just once so he can proper check out ur eyes for presure and other serious stuff – than follow this up once a year when u do ur medical checkup U also get ur prescription for glases in one time there. If u need different pairs for distance and reading glases u have the option to get them made into one pair or even contacts both for readng and distance – both are expensive and u can only get them at an optician.but than u just need one pair for everything! If u only want simple reading glases yes get them cheap! I did for years – they are everywhre but I would check if it is ok to have different strengh for different purposes . I am not so sure about that. Bottom line get ur eyes checked – u only have one pair !

    1. Richard,

      Your eyes deserve better treatment. As suggested a visit to the eye doctor would be wise. I visit the Rutnin clinic on Asoke annually. At least visit a reputable eyeglass shop, have a professional test your vision and fit you with the appropriate lenses

  3. Hi, I do this too but it does NOT provide the additional information that you need about your eyes – e.g. hidden disease, detaching retinas, cataracts etc! An eye test IS a relevant and important thing to have done and none of us should avoid having one, simply to avoid expense.

  4. Richard,
    Enjoyed your last sent, on reading glasses. Hard to pass up a 50 Baht price, when in the dime stores they want over ten dollars for the same thing. thanks.

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