Don’t forget to register your Pre-Paid SIM Card this month

Don’t forget to register your Pre-Paid SIM Card this month

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Don’t forget, if you have a pre-paid SIM, you must register the number as soon as possible or you will lose some services. The deadline is 31st July 2015. If you haven’t registered after that date you will only be able to receive incoming calls. You won’t be able to make calls or surf the internet. To be clear, only the people who top-up their mobile services at places like 7-Eleven need to register their SIM. If you are post paid and receive a bill at the end of every month you don’t need to do anything.

What are the benefits of registering phone numbers? From now onwards, if you have any outstanding money when you cancel a number, you will be able to retrieve this. But, the main benefit is for the government and police. They believe it will help reduce hoax calls, crime-related calls and phone scam gangs. They also believe it will help prevent mobile phones being used to set off car bombs.

How to find out if your SIM is registered? Press *151# and call out.

Where to register your SIM card? You can register at district offices nationwide, local administrative offices providing registration services, and your mobile network service center such as AIS, TrueMoveH, and TOT. You can also register at the more than 50,000 service points nationwide displaying the “2 shots” symbol. You need to bring with you your ID card, passport or alien registration documents.

What if you cannot go in person? If you are unwell or just don’t have time to go yourself, you can nominate someone else for you. Though, this will prove difficult to do if you are abroad. You will need to prepare the following documents and then ask your friend to take them to the service center of your mobile provider.

  1. A letter nominating a representative
  2. Original ID card or passport
  3. Original ID card or passport of your representative
  4. Your mobile phone and SIM card.

15 thoughts on “Don’t forget to register your Pre-Paid SIM Card this month

  1. “How to find out if your SIM is registered? Press *151# and call out.”

    The response I got was in Thai.

    Dial *151*9# and you get a response in English.

  2. I will come back to Thailand in August. Nobody can register my sim. When i will arrive in Thailand in August is still possible to go to register my sim and restore it or not?

  3. Richard. What does this mean for people who buy a local sim to use only for a couple of weeks while vacationing in Thailand?

  4. I dialled the number you gave and the the response I get is my tel number plus this code 13CV9xxxx
    What does it mean?

  5. Unfortunately I became aware of the registration last month when I was already at the airside waiting to board my plane out of Thailand. I remember reading something about the registration earlier this year or maybe last year, but did not pay much attention.
    I am subscribed to an online service using my phone number, the money is deducted monthly.
    Do you think I will be able to use it after 31 July? The fact that the number will be able to receive incoming calls gives me some hope (I was afreid they will cancel and delete it altogether).
    I also read that DTAC allows online registration for foreigners using a webcam. Do you know anything about it?
    Also what does “original passport” mean? My passport was reissued after I bought my SIM card. Does it mean I have to bring my old passport?

    1. Sorry I don’t know anything about DTAC and online registering. Did you register for this service? Did you show your passport? Maybe you are alright if you didn’t buy at 7-11 or MBK. About “original passport” it just means the real thing and not a photocopy.

  6. If you are taking your own mobile phone which is on a phone plan in Australia do we still register our phone numbers? I there a web site to do this?

  7. i will be in thailand october & hope to buy sim from 7-eleven, due to the new regulations;

    1 are they still selling sim cards here?
    2 is there anywhere before i get to thailand i can look online? through the types of sims 7-eleven sell & make my mind up before standing around for about 20mins in store stratching my head & tyring to work out what the best one for me is?

    if anyone can recommend a sim, i just need basic type for old style phone, (not iphone), for calls & text/sms only, thanks!

  8. It’s interesting that I had registered my phone(confirmed with *151*9#) but the phone didn’t work. I thought it is because I had no money in it so topped up, it now has 950 baht in it. But apparently, according to a message in Thai when trying to call out, it has been cancelled.

    DTAC staff tell me there’s nothing I can do because it is cancelled.

    So why, when it is registered, and why do they still allow it to be topped up, if it is cancelled?

  9. I’m a foreigner and i visit Thailand occasionally. Tested my prepaid SIM can now no longer make calls but could still receive incoming calls. i still have value inside. I just knew this registration law today only!!
    Gosh, it will all be wasted.

  10. I am already in Bangkok, Thailand, and I am having a hard time finding a SIM card. None of the 7Eleven are selling them, and i don’t know where else to look for them. Plz need immediate help.

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