90 Day Reporting to become stricter in Thailand

90 Day Reporting to become stricter in Thailand


If you are an expat living or working in Thailand then I’m sure you would agree with me that the “90 Day Reporting” is the most annoying and time wasting thing we have to do. For those who don’t know, everyone in Thailand has to report their address to Immigration EVERY 90 days. Yes, we have to take time off work to travel to our local Immigration office, to fill in a form and then line up and wait our turn to tell the officers that we are still at the same address. I’m lucky that my local office is nearby and hardly anyone there at the end of the day. But I know many people who live in Bangkok who say that it takes them at least half a day if not longer for them to submit the TM47 form.


At the moment, they are trying to roll out online reporting but this is facing many technical problems. Some people have managed to do this, but many said that they just kept getting errors. It’s also risky because if you make a mistake and you don’t submit the form properly, you might face a 2,000 Baht fine. At the moment, going in person is the most advisable thing to do. You can do this two weeks beforehand or up to 7 days after the deadline. What I did is download the PDF version of the form and then filled in my details leaving a blank for the date. I just then print this whenever I need it, add the date and sign it. Incidentally, if you lose the bottom half of the form in your passport, just go to your local police station to report it missing. This costs about 20 Baht. There is no fine at Immigration, but if they find out that you did this to hide that you were overdue, they will fine you 4,000 Baht.


I think a lot of us thought that they might eventually stop making us do 90 Day reporting. After all, it is a lot of work for them as well. But, it looks like it will go the opposite direction now and become more time consuming. This is because of transnational crime and foreign criminals living in Thailand. Many of these people give false information when they do 90 Day reporting. Obviously they don’t want the police to know their real address. So, partly because of this, you now might have to show proof of address the next time you do your 90 Day reporting. I’m also told that they will also soon start cracking down on houseowners who don’t report foreigners living on their premises.


In the past, all we had to do was fill in the TM47 90 Day reporting form. But now, at Samut Prakan Immigration office, we are being asked to photocopy the following five things in our passports as well. The superintendent at Samut Prakan tells me that other Immigration offices around the country will be asking for the same as well over the coming weeks and months if not already. Here is the list:

  • Front page showing name / surname / Passport No., etc.
  • Current visa
  • Last entry stamp of immigration
  • Last extension of visa
  • Photocopy of departure card TM.6


In addition, you may be asked for proof of address. For example a photocopy of your house registration or your rental contract if you live in a condo. They don’t seem to be doing this for everyone yet. If they know you already, then they might not ask you for proof of address. Another way they double check your address is by cross-checking with the TM30 form. Never heard of that? Well, by law, hotels and landlords have to notify Immigration of any foreigners staying in their premises. This has to be done within 24 hours or there will be a fine. Of course, this is not your responsibility if you rent a condo or flat. But, if you are married to a Thai and own a house, then you are responsible to submit this form.

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  1. i am due on the 28th off this month, do they make this up as they go along, so after taking time off to go there, i may get to the counter and they want more information,is it or isn’t it is the question. it is either a law or it is not ??

    1. There is no law and your local Immigration may or may not ask for this full list. The point of this blog post is to inform you that they might ask for more photocopies. Mine is. I told a friend this last week and he went prepared with a photocopy of his house registration. It was lucky for him as they asked for that document.

    2. I have had this experience a couple of times Ken. I live in Buri Ram near Lam Plai Mat. My nearest office is 120kms away in Korat. On two occasions i have arrived with my TM47 only to be told that they want something else – always something that i would not carry with me such as marriage certificate or proof of address – Tabian baan. I have tried to explain that I have to drive another 240 kms to get that but of course I get the usual glazed eye look so off i go and come back next day. I learnt many years ago not to argue with these people – they just switch off. Precisely for that reason we now live in Australia and my wife and I go to Thailand a couple of times a year on a 3 month visa.My wife has never had a hassle with her visa in Australia. She has a permanent residence visa and they ask us to confirm address and marriage status by mail every 5 years. When will Thailand ever do something to encourage us to live in their country and spend our money there?
      I lived there for more than 10 years but just got fed up with the BS so Australia is now home and Thailand our holiday destination instead of the other way around.

      1. Wow! What a great advert for Australia: “Did you ever get hassled by Thai Immigration? Did it happen twice? Come live in Australia and we’ll never bother asking you for photocopies of stuff you should’ve brought with you anyway.”

    3. I am all in favor of strict Immigration especially in the US but…..
      ….. only when both sides use rules and Thai Immigration doesn’t follow up by checking addresses listed on useless 90 day form. I could show B——K Nebraska and also ,as most ” Officers” can’t read English, I’d be home free !

  2. Richard, interesting but I’ve been doing 90 day reports in Samutprakarn office for 4 years and its always been the same – just the form printed at home filled out and a few of the mentioned photocopies from your passport. In and out straight upstairs , never more than 10 mins. To others reading – do take the photocopies of the visas etc from your passport already done from home or a shop outside and have them ready when you arrive and just go straight upstairs to the 90 day office. Waiting for the photocopier queue at the Immigration office is a pain.

      1. They have always asked for copies of the relevant passport pages at Samut Prakan immigration, at least for the last three years. This is nothing new.

      2. I am here on a Retirement visa. If I fly out of Thailand before my 90 days expire do I still have to report to the immigration office in my district ?

        1. If you leave before the 90 day deadline to report your address then you don’t need to go to Immigration. When you return to the country, the 90 Day count is reset to zero again. Just don’t forget to get a re-entry permit or you will lose your retirement visa.

        2. It would be pretty tricky reporting to the immigration office in your district if you were out of the country, wouldn’t it?

          Can I suggest that people join up to http://www.thaivisa.com and read the forum titled “Thai visas, residency and work permits”.

          I am sure Richard is happy to answer your questions but, judging by all the other pages on his website, he is a busy man. Thaivisa.com has lots of people who can give you advice on immigration and visa matters.

          I have been a member for over a decade and the information available there is invaluable.

          Disclaimer: I have no financial other other interests in Thaivisa.com. I simply want everyone to take advantage of the biggest source of immigration information on the Internet – no discourtesy intended towards Richard’s efforts.

          1. I traveled out of the country and of course returned. So not “tricky” at all for me to report to an immigration office. No need to be snarky.
            Thanks for the Thaivisa.com suggestion. Problem is with “lots of people” giving information, you receive “lots” of different information.

          2. Yes you must report to your local Immigration office , they will put a re-entry stamp in your passport .

    1. The point is not how hard/easy it is but why this stupid procedure continues. All they have to do is inform, during a new or repeat visit, that no need to come back for 1 year UNLESS you change address and report, within 2 weeks or face a 20,000 B fine and possible deportation. Most of us have lived in the same place for many years& Immigration already has more pictures of me then my mother !

      1. This is logic Don. However, what constitutes a change of address? No-one seems to know. I live in Chiang Mai and go on holiday to Phuket every year which usually overlaps my 90 day check-in. Both last year and this year Phuket immigration has changed my address from Chiang Mai to wherever I stay in Phuket. Then when I return to CM they change it back again. It seems ridiculous but that’s they way it is. So far I have not been asked for a mug-shot so my mother is still in the lead!!!

  3. One other point – do make sure you actually get the confirmed signed 90 day report paper slip back from the immigration officer that you in fact made the report. Last year I went to do the 90 days report near to my Non Imm B visa expiry date. The guy was busy and told me that I didnt need to come as the visa renewal was imminent. So I left. When I went to renew my Non Imm B visa not long after, they tried to fine me for an overstay. Otherwise not had any dramas.

    1. At my last 90 Day reporting, they didn’t give me the full 90 days for next reporting. Only 3 weeks which matched the day my extension of stay expires. So, when I go next week to renew my extension, I also have to do 90 Day reporting again.

      1. They will give you a new 90-day slip automatically. Well, that’s what they are doing now in Phuket but, as usual, YMMV. 🙂

  4. I’ve found that the best way is to take copies of everything, hand it to them, and let them take what they want. In my experience they only want the copies of the passport and current visa pages and, possibly, the entry card. Take the rest home and put it away for the next time.

    I keep scans of all my stuff in Dropbox so I can just print it from there whenever I need it. Tag it and file it correctly and it’s easy to access when you need it.

    1. Good advice. Every time I go, there is usually something new they want. Best to take everything. About proof of address, if your local Immigration hasn’t started yet, they might just tell you that next time you need to bring proof of address.

    2. I take every document issued me since birth AND a letter from my mother, ( deceased ). and they stamp everything 23 times while
      scowling and grumbling !

      1. That just about sums up my local Imm. office they want 100 copies of everything I look like Santa Claus when I go with a huge sack on my back .I don`t help matters by scowling & snarling back at them it really is a nightmare .

        1. Pretty sad.

          While I agree about the lack of a need for 90-day reports, the office I go to in Khon Kaen is great. People are friendly and efficient. If you’ve been doing this for any amount of time, you know what you need. When I go, they look at the documents, apply the stamps, and I’m on my way. Once they call my number, it’s usually about 5 minutes for a 90-day report. I just got a reentry permit and that took about 10 minutes.

          Oh, yeah. When I go I smile, joke a little and I don’t act like they’re out to crucify me. A little kindness and friendliness with these government workers does wonders.

  5. It really does make my blood boil having to report every 90 days . I often wonder if it is worthwhile or should I go live in Vietnam or Cambodia . The lady I live with is brilliant she is also now a devout christian . But now the number of different copies you have to make of various forms is ridiculous ie passport pages 3 , 2 copies of each , Book of house ownership 2 copies , 2 copies of my ladies ID , 2 copies of her daughters ID`s that is 14 copies every 3 mths then the same rigmarole for the 1 yr visa . I am sick of it .

  6. I live near Bang Kapi but work in Samut Prakan, my boss has always insisted for me to do my 90 day reports in Samut Prakan. When I was there last month they initially refused my application this time because I put my condo as being up here in Bang Kapi so I resubmitted with my boss’s address (Samut Prakan) and they accepted no problem. These new rules about proof of address will kind of put the spanner in the works.

  7. All those passport photocopies is now the normal requirement in Phuket. A couple of years ago they just wanted the copies once each year, but now it is every time.

    Before a couple of years ago, it was the TM47 filled in and show your passport.

    And before that they would just put another stamp on the slip in your passport and sign it. One of my slips had 5 stamps on it. Then some officer at the airport complained that it wasn’t legitimate and put a stop to it.

    But now we have the online system. I’ll know in a couple of days if it works for me, but I doubt it as my TM6 arrival card is over 10 years old.

    PS. Typo, para 3: “Many of these people give force information when they do 90 Day reporting.”

  8. Previously postal now online in Bangkok 90 day reporting is breeze for me. My next due next week and worried about it.

    1. Every time you stay at a hotel you have to fill out a form. This information is then sent to the local Immigration office. It is strictly enforced and there are fines if they don’t report. What is not seemingly enforced are normal householders or landlords who don’t tell Immigration about foreigners. But I do know for a fact my local condo that rents out rooms DOES report your address to Immigration. But, just because it looks like it is not enforced, you shouldn’t presume you don’t have to do it. The Immigration bureau is being dragged screaming and kicking into the 21st Century and all these records are now going online. Which means it becomes easier to cross check.

  9. Interesting read and responses. I’m in Bangkok and go to the main office and other than the long waits and getting there and back, the 90 day reporting has always been a breeze. Give them my passport and TM47 and good to go a half hour later.

    I’m leaving Thailand Monday with a multiply entry stamp and my understanding is that my 90 day report period will reset upon entering the kingdom. I’ll have to remember these new requirements and arrive prepared next visit.

  10. Hi Richard Barrow,

    I’m currently living in a rental house in Samut Prakan that was leased by my wife so my name is not on the rental contract. What are my options?

      1. I did, so my wife fills out TM30 and signs it for me? I wouldn’t think the landlord would want to get involved with immigration since I’m not on the lease. Thank you.

  11. Hello Richard, I just did my 90 day reporting on 6 July. The lady at Immigration told me not to fill out the TM-47. Just come in and show my passport. That’s all. It’s sounds like every Imm is doing it there own way.

  12. The documents you’ve listed are the same ones I’ve been submitting when doing 90 day reporting for almost 2 decades. No changes here that I can see.

    1. For the last 20 years you’ve been giving them photocopies of all that stuff for 90-day reports? Wow! What a lot of paper you’ve wasted.

  13. 90 day reporting in Bangkok is straightforward by post. Just photocopy the ID & visa pages from your passport, a copy of the departure card and previous 90-day slip, plus the form and a stamped return envelope (10 baht) and send by EMS 14 days before the report is due.

    1. Samut Prakan do not do postal, when I asked they said ‘not really’. Still not heard of another office asking for 5 pp copies, even CW does not so why do SP? what is the point anyway, copier income? they also pointlessly insist on you copying any receipts. Today I mistakenly gave him the wrong bunch of PP copies for 90 day, did not even look at them and accepted them.

      At least things have improved, years ago a grumpy old female officer told me they did not really do extensions there, despite having all the forms and a sign outside saying they did! She told me to go to Suan Phlu office, even though I did not live in Bkk!

      1. The 90 day farce is the reason I will not appy for retirement visa . The Immigration office in Chiang Saen go out of their way to make it so tiresome , requiring so many copies of various forms , Even tho I have lived here for 13 years they still require copies of my home ownership book , copies of my wifes , childrens ID’s . I asked her if she wanted photos of the two dogs & the cat . I now just use a 60 day tourist visa , ie 2 mths in Thailand & 3 months in UK . I am convinced they only want tourists come here for 2 weeks then go back where ever .


  14. I live more than 5 years in Thailand now. Since I got my work permit from my school I’ve never worried about 90 days report as they take care of it. I sign the TM 47 form together with a power of attorney. Our secretary goes to Rayong Immigration and I get my passport back with the new slip after 2-3 hours. I have to do another one at the end of the month so I hope it will not change anything…

  15. Nothing new in this except the proof of address. I got asked for that on my recent visa renewal and it meant a trip home to get it. All the rest I’ve been asked for in Bangkok ever since Immigration started this around 2000 or 2001. At first, my university could do it for me, but then they began demanding when appear in person ourselves. It was really strange – I signed in at a government university every day, but I still had to report every 90 days like a parolee.

  16. It takes me about 2 minutes at Jomtien and they hardly look at my address, I could tell them anything. It is easy but I guess if I wanted to travel I would have to try the online option and not sure how to do that. I have never been asked for any proof of address or anything.

  17. You wouldn’t catch me using the on-line service until 100% of users told me it was working – and that ain’t going to happen. Thai government departments just can’t build websites. Any on-line service designed to make processes easier is usually doomed to failure.

  18. I also report to Samut Prakan immigration office. I am in and out within 5 minutes including photocopying.

  19. Last year I totally forgot my 90 day stamp, 16 days overdue, went to an Immigration in Udon, the officer was not so friendly even though I speak Thai (or maybe because I speak Thai), he explained that it is 500 Baht (8000 Baht Total) each day like an overstay. I was able to negotiate 50% though. But still 🙁

      1. You say it’s 2000 if you forget. The slip they put there says a fine not exceeding 5000 baht AND not more than 200 baht per day.

        I forgot to go 4 months ago for this and I have a work permit. What do you think the fine will be?

  20. In Nakhon Pathom we only hand in our passport, then they enter all the information in by themselves via computer. Then they print out a new date. They also don’t make you stand in line.

    1. It was the same at DanQuien for Korat, last year no form filling, just hand in your passport. But three weeks ago they wanted you to fill in the form.

  21. The online reporting thingy doesn’t work because they admitted it’s only functioning in Explorer, a browser that Microsoft have already announced discontinuation, besides it renders the whole ‘reporting’ thing pointless since it proves nothing (regarding whereabouts). Honestly, sheer incompetence.

  22. I prefer to report by post and have done for the last couple of years. The list at the top of this article was revised about 18 months ago so I have been sending the 5 items in along with the TM47 since then. It used to be you had to photocopy every page of your passport but that was replaced by the above list. I think it helps if you report to the same office that issues your visa as they will more likely know you 🙂

  23. Regarding with this post, Is 90 days thing also knows if you still have your visa or it is already cut?, aside from letting them k ow ypur address.

  24. I tried all the possible methods for the 90 days report and I didn’t have a problem so far. In Chaengwattana the process is always super-boring and long, but got it done. By post, received the answer a bit late, but got it. Last time I did it online and it was surprisingly easy and straightforward. My advice is to try to use the online way, but the timeframe is very limited so keep it in mind because if it doesn’t work you would need to go to immigration within 2 weeks.

  25. I normally only go into immigration once a year to report – the rest of the time my 90 day reporting is handled by staff. This time I got called into immigration because my landlord forgot to fill out his forms. I dislike wasting my time waiting in lines so will make sure he does his part the next round.

    1. In the future they might not allow you to get someone else to do the 90 Day reporting for you. I did for one of my teachers last month as she was ill. He wasn’t happy about it and asked lots of questions about where she lived etc. He said he would only allow me to do it this time as he knew me.

  26. This statement was released by the junta today:

    We would like to ask homeowners, and owners of hotels, apartments, and accommodation buildings, where there are foreigners staying in the accommodation, to inform officials at the nearest Immigration Bureau, or the local Police Station, within 24 hours of the foreigners’ arrival at your premises. This is in accordance with the Immigration Act B.E. 2522 (or A.D.1979), and is another method of building security and promoting safety for tourists.

    So, next time you do your 90 Day reporting, make sure the details match the form submitted by your landlord.

  27. Hi Richard,

    Any idea that the 90 days reporting procedure had changed? I’m trying to make the 90 days reporting early this week, and was told that now we have to fill in the ” Foreign National Information Form”.

    Together with the form “TM.47”, do not need to attach the Photocopy of passport pages with following pages:
    – front page showing name / surname / Passport No., ect.
    – current visa
    – last entry stamp of immigration
    – last extension of visa

    The reporting was done by my company messager on my behalf. After the reporting, there is no return of signed & endorsed TM.47 anymore nor any stamp on my passport…

    My question is how am I going to proof that I had made the 90 days report next time?


    1. As Richard rightly says this is the most annoying aspect of living in Thailand . I am convinced Thailand only want tourists here .No retired or working fallangs . I have lived at the same address for 12 years , the cow behind the desk gets great pleasure in saying this or that is wrong & so wanting it renewed . Altho I love Thailand I am seriously considering leaving .

    2. What is my ‘current visa’? Is it the expired non-immigrant OA visa from 5 years ago? Or is it the MRP (multiple re-entry permit), which is not really a visa?

  28. In every post or forum I have read ‘ADDRESS’ is never defined. So what ADDRESS do the authorities want to see? I have had a retirement Visa for 5 years and I live in Chiang Mai. When I do my next 90 day report (due 26th July) I will be on holiday in Phuket so I will have to report to Phuket immigration. Ten days later on 5th August I will be back in Chiang Mai. What address will Phuket immigration want from me; my home address or my holiday hotel/apartment address?

    1. If Chiang Mai is your local address , I reckon you should have told them you were going to Phuket for a few days holiday. But if you reported in Phuket there should be no problem . But report to Chiang Mai as soon as you arrive back . It seems a lot depends on the individual that attends to you in each Immigration office . The office I go to has/had a particularly unfriendly woman . But last week when I did my 90 day report she was not there , it was a man & he was great , everything was done & dusted in 10 mins .

      1. Thanks for the reply Brian. However, I am not sure why I would have to tell CM I was going on holiday to Phuket then report to CM again when I return after I have already done a 90 day check-in in Phuket a week or so before. It seems you are saying that the 90 day check -ins are irrelevant and every time you go somewhere you have to report leaving and arriving back. If this was the case there would be a total log-jam in immigration offices around the Country. Maybe I should try doing it on-line, if that works now. That way it doesn’t matter where you are. James

        1. Hi James . Sorry about that I have only ever done my 90 day at the Chiang Saen office prior to that I was working . I am probably the last ex-pat to give advice to anyone re 90 day checks . Any way good luck with doing it on-line cheers Brian D .

        2. As stated in the last paragraph of the above article by law the house owner where you live and hotels/apartments are supposed to report foreign arrivals with in 24hrs of arrival using form TM.30. In your case when you go on holiday the hotel where you stay should report you are staying at their hotel. If or when all the systems are computerised then a conflict of where you are staying maybe flagged.

          As far as I know this reporting has been around for a while but not always acted upon. This was highlighted after the last bombing incident in Bangkok so the authorities can track where foreigners are staying. Not sure know how this could work considering the millions of tourist coming to Thailand every year.

          As stated in a comment above the home owner\hotel can report to the local police station if you don’t have an immigration office near you. This is what I did but they weren’t interested in the form TM30. They just gave me a copy of a hand written report (in Thai) that my wife had reported my address. I have since made several trips to the UK but not sure if my wife is supposed to report every time or as it is the same address is she covered by this report? I read somewhere that you only have to do this once. I think there is a 2,000Bt fine for not reporting.

          I have been coming to Thailand for over 35 years but didn’t know about form TM.30 until 3-4 years ago.

          Then their is form TM.28 ‘FORM FOR ALIENS TO NOTIFY THEIR CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR THEIR STAY IN THE PROVINCE FOR OVER 24 HOURS’ which I had to fill in before I applied for the letter confirming my address to apply for a driving license even though I have been at the same address for the last 5 years. I guess you should submit TM.28 to Phuket immigration but I doubt that many people do.

          There must be a mountain of paperwork at every immigration office, not very environmental friendly.

          Anyway, I’m just as confused as everyone else as it depends on the immigration officer you see on the day.

          1. Thanks Ian. I am glad you are as confused as the rest of us. I have been in Thailand for 5 years on a Retirement visa and never left the Country. I’ve never been confused or had an issue with 90 day reports just fill in TM47, photocopy passport and that’s it. That is until now because I am on holiday and have to report to Phuket and not Chiang Mai. I would do on-line reporting but I am unable to access the website. All I am trying to find out as you will see from my post on this blog WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF ADDRESS? As I can’t find the answer I will just go to immigration before the 90 days is up and ask them. I hope they know. I have never heard of TM28 or TM30 but i’m sure they will tell me if they are relevant.

          2. Ian , How right you are re the individual officer . Last week when when I went to do my 90 day check I was expecting the same bullying lady who who really seemed to enjoy/demand I re-copy various items . What a pleasure to find she was not there . The man in her place was an absolute gent .

      2. While I was working overseas I use to arrive on the 30 day visa exemption so never had to deal with the immigration office. It has only been the last 3 years since I retired that I have had to make regular visits to the local immigration office. In General, the visits have been pleasant and quick with just a few occasions of long queues.

        I have also noticed that the male officers seem to be more pleasant then the female officers. Who knows, maybe they don’t get paid as much as their male counterparts. I always take two copies of the documents just in case they ask for then, if not, then you can use them next time. On one occasion the female officer look disappointed when she asked me to go and make another copy of my documents when I pulled them out of the envelope.

  29. I am a little fuzzy about the difference between CURRENT VISA and LAST EXTENSION OF VISA. Is the Current Visa my expired OA visa from 5 years ago on which I originally entered? Or is the Current Visa the Multiple Re-Entry Permit? What does the Current Visa stamp look like in my passport?

  30. Has this new requirement been published any where. I can’t see it on the immigration website. I’ve just had my 90 day declined at Samut Prakan since I didn’t have the new info, as I wasnt aware of the extra red tape.

  31. How do they calculate the 90 days? I have heard three different ways from different sources: [1] three months (i.e. arrive 28 March > 90-day report due on 28 June), [2] 90 days AFTER you arrive in country and [3] the 90th day you are IN country. What is the correct one – or is it simply safer to take the lowest number (which is normally #3)?

  32. wow! hot topic! my question is: does my new landlord only have to submit TM30 once, or re-submit each time I am registered elsewhere, ie, a hotel in BKK for example? (I am in Chonburi) Does the former TM30 get ‘cancelled’? I’m hoping not…
    Many Thanks

      1. Many thanks as always Richard. I’m on a tourist visa about to attempt a non-B in Vientiane. He hasn’t yet registered me. Do you think it’s ok to wait until I return then ask him to register me for the first time? All hypothetical, I know….

          1. thanks for your time. I can ask him to do it tomorrow,then I have a week until Laos….in 2 minds I need to put addresses on the form but could put my Laos hotel and my parent’s address, then him as my proposed? So complicated…

  33. I am in Thailand on a retirement visa. Last year I completely forgot to notify immigration that I was in the country more than 90 days. I recently left the country and returned without any problem. My questions are:
    1. Will I be liable for a fine when I apply for a renewal of my visa without evidence of the notification from last year? Does immigration check for the notification as part of the visa renewal process?
    2. If I mail in the notification of 90 days now, will I be fined for failing to notify last year?
    3. Or is the clock reset to zero by my departure and return, so I am only liable to a fine if my notification this year is late?

    1. As per your question 3 – the clock is reset.

      So you were lucky immigration didn’t notice you had no up-to-date 90 day receipt in your passport when you left last time. Well done!

      If the old one is still in your passport, throw it away.

  34. I had to submit my passport as proof of identification in the process of getting a new one. One month later and still waiting on the new passport. Now I’m being told by immigration that I can’t do 90 days notice without it. I’m being royally screwed and there’s nothing I can do about it. Screw this 90 day notice. If its intention is to get rid of unwanted people, then this application of it is not doing what it’s meant to.

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