How not to behave in Thailand

How not to behave in Thailand


Chinese tourists are back in the news again in Thailand. And like last time, it’s for the wrong reason. This time round, a Chinese girl is pictured peeing at the Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall in Bangkok. “Tiger Foung” posted the image on his Facebook page (see here). The general opinion is why is the Tourism Authority of Thailand allowing these “low-quality” tourists into their country. Parents may disagree. When your child needs to pee, you sometimes have no choice where they can go. It is just unfortunate that in this case, it was on royal grounds.

What do you think? Is it alright if they are discrete about it? Are all the Chinese really “low quality” tourists or is it just a minority?

10 thoughts on “How not to behave in Thailand

  1. Living in China for a year, 5 years ago, the Chinese I knew were extremely friendly, decent, generous and fairly sanitary. Shockingly, as I travel Asia, I see a different side of those travelling in groups. They are rude, arrogant, and leave public areas a mess. It hurts me to see that. They sure are not the Chinese I knew and loved. The bottom line I’m sorry to say; most of the travelling Chinese are just not likeable. To add a side note; some universities in my country, the U.S., are refusing Chinese entrance because of their attitude.

    1. I had much the same experience when I was in China. Made some great friends there. Even here in Thailand I know some wonderful Chinese people. I guess it’s because there are so many of them here in Thailand that there are bound to be a few bad apples.

      1. After I retired from 35 years as a teacher and school administrator, I taught a few hours a week in Jilin Province on the condition that I wouldn’t sign a contract. My students (angels) and teachers were the greatest, and my job was fun. After I left the school system 3 years ago, I can only say that the Chinese High School and University students I have seen in a couple of countries in SEA were beyond words with their rude and crazy behavior. I couldn’t believe it; however, after witnessing this attitude many times I became a believer, and would never work in China again, or even visit the country again. It hurts me to say that as I had such great memories of my time there. I suppose it did help as I could have left anytime, and didn’t need the money…….I have argued with my American friends on the issue of war, “no, China would never think of starting a war.” Now I’m not so sure. Everything in life changes….

  2. This just shows what is acceptable in their home country, also acceptable is pushing people out of your way, spitting out of a car or bus window. Thailand does not need these people they do not spend while here and just lower the tone of everywhere
    While they are here other expats will not come back.

  3. arr come on walk around BKK open your eyes you see thai kids doing this all over the place ok it was on royal grounds at least see peed in the drain.
    agree could be more discrete.

  4. Sometimes kids just have to go but ideally they should have found a toilet. Often parents will stand near a child and sort of shield them from public view – where are the parents?

  5. My Merrill Lynch/Bank of America Visa card needs to be renewed in 2 weeks. I am a retired U.S citizen travelling tourist, mostly in Thailand and the Udon Thani area. I would appreciate advice on which agency is best to contact regarding receiving the cards. One recommendation I have been given is consult the tourist police. Thank you in advance for your advice. This e-mail is off the topic; but Mr. Barrow’s website seems the best place to get an authoritative answer. Thank you.

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