You Can Now Do 90-Day Reporting Online in Thailand

You Can Now Do 90-Day Reporting Online in Thailand


Some good news for those people who complain that it takes half a day to file a 90-day report. You will be happy to know that you can now do it online. That is the good news. The bad news is that you have to use the unsupported and ancient Internet Explorer. Modern browsers such as Chrome are not supported. Their servers also seem very slow as it took me forever to open the page (click here). I haven’t used this yet as my next 90-Day report isn’t until the end of March. Hopefully the service will get faster as I think it will be quicker if I walk down to Immigration and file it myself. Though I know this will surely be more convenient for people who live far away from their nearest Immigration office.

UPDATE on 14th February: According to a report in the Phuket Gazette (see here), the online 90-day reporting site is only in the testing stage at the moment. They expect it to be fully operational in April. This follows a flood of complaints from foreigners that said that the site was to slow or kept crashing.

This is what I know so far:

  • The online form is for anyone around the country (though in these early days it might be wise to check with your local office first)
  • You can submit your application 14-7 days before the due date.
  • If you have less than 7 days before the due date or you are overdue then you need to visit the Immigration office in person
  • Once you have submitted your application online you need to check again after a few days to see if it was accepted. This will take no longer than 7 working days
  • Once your application has been approved you need to print out the receipt and keep it in your passport
  • If you fail to file your 90-day report properly, there is a 2,000 Baht fine. If you are arrested and it is found out you didn’t file your 90 day report then the fine is increased to 5,000 Baht and there is a 200 Baht daily fine.


This is the second page of their website where you can choose to fill in the 90 day notification form online, check the status of your application or cancel your application. The form itself is interesting as there are NO fields for you to fill in your address. There is just the usual full name, gender, birthdate and nationality. Then your travel information has to be filled in such as arrival card number, date of arrival, mode of arrival and flight number if by plane. I haven’t gone beyond this page as I don’t need to do my 90 day report yet. If you have already had experience then please post in the comments below.

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  1. I tried to do it today. Filled in my details on part one of four which was straight forward. Unfortunately that’s as far as I got. Every time I pressed submit to get to part two of four, it just reloaded part one. Tried multiple times on different browsers with the same result. My guess is that it is not yet official and still in the testing stage even though it is in the public domain.

    1. According to quoting what Thai Immigration has told them, you can do 90-day reporting but only with Internet Explorer. I have tried using Firefox and get a message that only IE will do at present.
      As to Kap Cheong, guess I’ll find out in 3 weeks when mine is due. But, as they can’t speak English when asked for their postal address so as can do 90 days by post, guess I’ll still be doing the quarterly trip for a while yet.

  2. Not at kap choeng you can’t… We are all told that you can’t so I guess it’s not all.. The usual a few will let you and a few won’t..

  3. Down here in the Peoples Republic of Phuket, I doubt this will ever work without somehow attaching a Paypal transfer of at least 300 baht.

    1. Does this work for a multi-entry visa like a B-Visa? Anyone know if that’s the case? I’ve tried multiple times to use this explorer site, always get the same message:

      For further information regarding the 90-day notification report service, please contact the immigration branch office in your residence area.

      1. Multi entry “B” visa means you have to LEAVE the country every 90 days. Remember when your “B” visa is about to expire leave Thailand 2-3 days prior and come back. This will extend your 12 month “B” by 3 months.

  4. There is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that pretends you are using Internet Explorer. It’s called User Agent Switcher. In Firefox, click on “tools”, then “extensions”.

  5. I have tried with many browsers and the only one that will let me in is Explorer, however my computer crashes after hitting submit on page 1.

  6. According to the Phoket Immigration Chief there is no chance of it working before April. Whether he means just Phuket. I don’t know.

    1. That’s OK. My next report is due end of May, so it may be working by then. I give it a 23% chance of success (in Phuket, anyway).

      Even the postal Report Service doesn’t appear to work in Phuket – my friend tried it and had to go in personally as he didn’t get a response after 2 weeks.

      1. After getting my yearly extension recently, I was also given a new 90-day report date and slip at the same visit to Immigration. This was a first for me, but I had been told this was the new procedure in Phuket.

        So I won’t be able to test the online reporting system for another 2 1/2 months.

    1. Probably as hard for them to get this done as for Kerry to get a nuclear deal with Iran.

      Wait until the end of June. Just like Kerry.

    1. My friend did it recently. After submitting the form he received an email the following day which stated:

      Dear Mr.
      ผลการแจ้งที่พักอาศัยเกิน 90 วัน ของท่าน มีการ อนุมัติ กรุณาตรวจสอบการ อนุมัติ ได้ที่
      Notification 90 days is Approved. You can check status by visit

      Then he went online, and logged onto the web site with his passport number, date of birth and nationality.

      On the next page it showed the full printout of his information with a huge green “APPROVED” on the top. He saved it and printed it out.

      It was nearly a full A4 page, not the same as the usual slip for 90 days report.

      I don’t know what the page looks like or whether it has a date on it for the next report.

      1. Could your friend inform us which version of Internet Explorer he was using. I have tried repoerting online, but cannot get past the first page, which is ” mostly ” blank.

    1. This is the usual situation in Thailand that the government departments do not have a clue as to which parts of the planet we all share are actually part of Thailand.

      Basically it seems that on-line reporting applies only to places like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. There are many places where it would benefit. At Kap Cheong in Surin, which services Buriram province as well as Surin, the officers claim to have no idea as to when on-line reporting will be available. Some people have close to a 400km round trip to do each quarter. When asked for their postal address, Kap Cheong Immigration Officers take a different approach which is to no longer understand English.

      Does anyone know if, when and where a schedule of the online capability by Immig Office will be available ?

  7. Attempted it with Internet Explorer version 11. It did’nt work.
    Downloaded Firefox 3.6

    Success for Bangkok residence !

    1. FF 3.6? Blimey, I thought I was a stick-in-the-mud for staying with FF 28!

      By the way, I used FF28 to access the site with no problems (other than clicking the “OK” button on the warning message “We support current and previous versions of Internet Explorer browser ONLY.”)

      I went on to the page where you fill in your name etc, but didn’t go any further as I don’t need to do a report yet.

  8. I did the online report on Friday. As you recommended I used the explorer instead of the Google browser. The website was working and I got the email of the approval Saturday evening. So the system works well. I live in Phuket, I don’t know much about the other areas. When you check your status you are also given a new 90 days notification notice.

    1. Done mine 3 weeks ago via the required browser. All went fine and the system said: We will let you know the status.
      Am due tomorrow and never received a single email what so ever. Is there any link where I can check up on this as I dont fancy driving up there.

      1. are u experiencing these days the security certificate error messages on the online notification link?

  9. I tried from IE, and as the others have mentioned above, it just crashes or reboots the website once I click SUBMIT. I tried calling the hotline, and no one answers. This is rubbish.

  10. A friend if mine was told by a person in Phuket Immigration office – don’t know exactly what rank in Immigration – that the online procedure works ONLY for people who have entered the country in the last 2 years.

    Another commenter, “expat”, posted on February 13 that this online procedure works only for people who entered after 2005. So this new information has reduced that time interval considerably.

    If true, this online procedure certainly won’t work for me!

  11. 3 months ago I did mine and it was approved without any errors encountered. However, these days I’m trying the same link for my new notification which is due in 2 weeks but I got this security certificate error message which says that the the security certificate of the site cant be trusted and that it has to be verified from the immigration first. But I still took the risk of filling-in the form. At the moment, my status is still pending. I have tried to reach the immigration office to inquire about this security thing but no one’s picking up. Have to wait for the application approval via email to check if the link is not being faked or fooled by anyone.

  12. The downloadable instructions are in Thai (very little English).
    Why in heavens name would they put it in Thai?

    Windows will warn you that the type of file you
    have to download is dangerous to your computer.
    This is because they didn’t do their security correctly.
    It is probably OK to download it

    I am still looking for the form to Fill in.

  13. I filled in the forms online once more with more results this time. It actually said “Pending”
    Waited a few days and checked only to find out “Declined”

    Its a massive improvement from my first attempt 3 months ago. LOL.

    Needless to say that I am off again today to do my report and spending 600 baht in taxi fees in the process.

    1. My friend went to the an immigration office 2 weeks and got the news that there’s a new requirement for applying a notification via mail (e.g. The application has to be signed or sealed by the employer.) which means that at the moment they’re not accepting online applications, however, as I have noticed, the li k is still on their website.

  14. After reading all the un success stories above,
    I guess I will have to drive the full 8 km
    downtown Pattaya and do this by hand.
    I expect it to take me a full hour to
    get this done. Hell like I have so much
    else to do in this retired life.
    Nothing is FREE in paradise…lol

  15. Just got back myself with the rejected online reporting forms. They said I applied online at Sub-Div-3 online and not at Sub-Div-2 online.

    Asked them how I could choose that from the online form but no answer was given. She than took my papers and stapled them with a whole bunch of other failed online applications.

    Oh well. TIT

  16. Three months ago, I was able to access it, but not without trouble. Doing that did require some amount of patience. I was hoping the system will be improved by now as some have said that the website was still undergoing some improvements. So 5 months after the “official launching” and obviously no improvements has been made as the website won’t open at all after numerous tries. Even the immigration bureau portal has a dead link for the online 90-day thing. Oh well.

  17. Don t work for me ,when i submit the first step ,one window say to contact
    the branch immigration in your area
    Maybe can work for the next year…

  18. I have been doing this quite successfully for quite some time but this time the system seems to be down. Have tried for the last few days but cannot access the system.

  19. Hello! If you could provide some advice I would be appreciative. I looked at embassy website and a bit confusing. I am a USA citizen. I booked my flight. Will be in Phucket from Sep 2017-Feb 2018 (5 months)

    I know there are some limitations as to how long I can stay without a longer term visa. If you have a moment, could you please explain my different choices?

    Appreciate it!

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