Food Delivery in Bangkok: Passion Delivery

Food Delivery in Bangkok: Passion Delivery


The emergence of the farmers’ markets in Bangkok over the recent year or so has given growth to an interest in artisan food and drinks. I don’t know about you but I enjoy exploring these markets and discovering a wealth of food that has been made by what only be described as small production teams in a home-like environment. However, I quickly realized that many of these stallholders didn’t have their own shop. Some didn’t even have a website and were relying on the markets as a venue to sell their goods. Which of course meant I had to visit all of the different markets around town each week. This is why new companies like Passion Delivery are a godsend.


What Passion Delivery has done is bring together about 20 local suppliers under one roof. Some of these include Sloane’s, The Accidental Butcher, Maison Jean Philippe, Homemade Cheese, Patricia’s Homemade and Gourmet Pies. It is true that some of them have their own shop, but with Passion Delivery you can browse all of the products in one place, making just one payment and receiving just one delivery. There is no minimum order and the delivery charge is a flat 90 Baht. However, their delivery area is limited at present. If you live further out like myself, just contact them to get a quote for delivery. I found it still cheaper than what it would have cost me to drive into Bangkok.

This is what Passion Delivery say on their website: Shopping at Passion Delivery means no more getting stuck in Bangkok traffic or searching for hard to find products. Everything can now be purchased from one place and delivered in one go. Passion Delivery aims to be the one stop shop for artisan products offering great service, fast delivery and easy payment methods.


Of course, I couldn’t do a proper review without placing an order myself. Setting up an account at Passion Delivery was quick and easy. I went through their website last night adding some sausages from Sloane’s and some steak and onion pies from Gourmet Pies. I also ordered some jams and yoghurts. As I lived outside of the catchment area I had to contact the shop first to get a quote. Ian was quick to reply and I was able to place my order within a short time. He then gave me a choice of morning or evening delivery. As all of my items were in stock, everything was delivered to me this afternoon. No complaints from me at all. The sausages and pies arrived still frozen and the yoghurts and jams cold. That was one delivery but products from four different shops.

If you have tried Passion Delivery before then please let me know in the comments below. In addition, if you know of any other companies that do deliveries like this from multiple suppliers then please let me know. But no restaurants or suppliers with their own websites. It needs to be one website with multiple suppliers. Off the top of my head I can think of FoodPanda, FoodByPhone and ChefsXP.

5 thoughts on “Food Delivery in Bangkok: Passion Delivery

  1. I have used them twice since seeing your tweet last week. I’m already addicted. I live in Samut Prakan so their delivery service even with the extra charge is more than worth it.

    1. What I do to make the delivery charge cheaper is to get some foreign friends to chip in with it. At my school we have eight foreign teachers so easier enough to find someone to help with delivery charges.

  2. I am one of their customers, quite impressive. But if for other food delivery suppliers, I don’t like FoodPanda – very slow. I like to order from GoTasty instead.

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