Where to buy a Selfie Stick in Bangkok

Where to buy a Selfie Stick in Bangkok


I get some strange questions on Twitter, no more so than the one today by @berylanneT who asked where to buy a selfie stick in Bangkok. For those of you who don’t know, or who are not obsessed with taking pictures of themselves, a selfie stick extends your smartphone away from you by about one meter or so. This enables you to get yourself and all of your friends in one shot. I suggested that she should go to either MBK, Pantip or Fortune Town for this as they all sell IT equipment and gadgets. She chose the latter and bought this set. She said the asking price for the remote was 350 Baht and the monopod was 750 Baht. But she was given a discount on this.

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  1. Monopod + mobile remote for 200 baht in a weekend street sale in chatuchak. I feel very lucky when i search this one in internet..Later I found this one in Future part rangsit for 500 baht for both.

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