Cycle Track Around Suvarnabhumi Airport

Cycle Track Around Suvarnabhumi Airport


Some good news for cyclists in Bangkok is that a new cycling track has been opened at Suvarnabhumi Airport. If you are tired with fighting traffic in the city, then head to the airport for a brand new dedicated cycling track that is just over 23 kilometers long. There’s no traffic lights or intersections. No motorcycles or joggers. Just cyclists. The track has only just opened and for the time being it is free of charge to use. Though this may change in the future.

UPDATE: There is now a 800 meter junior track and also toilet block. The new entrance is in the Northeastern corner. Click here to see some pictures of my latest visit.

NEW BLOG: The Green Cycle Track at Suvarnabhumi Airport

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The cycling track goes around the perimeter of Suvarnabhumi airport. It’s easy to spot on this Google map as it follows exactly the irrigation canal protecting the airport from floods. The entrance is in the northeastern corner near the bus terminal and long term parking. Coming from Bang Na-trad you need to drive up the eastern road and then turn right at the traffic lights and then left. Entrance is on the right on Duvaranbhumi 4 Road. Coming north from the Motorway, you need to take the road to the bus terminal. Go across the lights and then turn left at the next intersection. Entrance is on your right. You can u-turn under the bridge. This road leads to Lat Krabang which is an alternative way to reach the cycle track.

GPS Coordinates: 13.708880,100.780807 (*This is the new entrance opened in October 2014)


There isn’t a toilet block or any restaurant at the starting point and so make sure you prepare yourself before you come. Though I did see a male cyclist shooting rabbits under the bridge. Not so easy though for women to pick flowers here. During peak times you might see some mobile vendors at the starting point selling food and water. Once you unload your bike, you go to the checkpoint. Here you need to exchange your driver’s license for an ID card. Presumably a photocopy of your passport would do. Only one person in your group needs to do this. There is no fee to pay. The sign here says open at 6 a.m. and closed at 5:30 p.m. Though another sign says you must be off the cycle track by 7 p.m.


The cycling track itself is just over 23 kilometers long. Every 250 meters there is a sign printed on the track showing your progress. It’s level for much of the way though there are a few inclines. The track is one way and so once you are on it there is no turning back. You are committed until the end. As you can see, there aren’t many trees and it’s open like this the whole way. On your right is the irrigation canal. On your left is the earthen embankment. Beyond that is a fence topped with razor wire. It took me about 90 minutes to finish one lap which included stops to take pictures.


There is talk of adding lights along the track and also toilet blocks. They will probably start charging once they do this. But it will then be open until late at night. I think the cycling track is great for cyclists who need to train for cycling events. You can go as fast as you like. As there are two lanes they can easily pass slower cyclists like myself. If you are there in the late afternoon, it might be nice to stop for a picnic along the Western side of the airport and watch the planes take off and land. For much of the route it was very quiet which was unexpected. Though quite windy at times. Only one spot did I smell aviation fuel.


On my @RichardBarrow Twitter account I asked people to post any questions they may have. Here are my answers:

RT @cyrbkk: How to get there from Central BKK? I don’t have a car. Is it allowed to take bicycle in Airport Link? => You can take a folding bike on the airport bus or airport express train. There is talk of allowing full sized bikes on the train but not yet.

RT @enra2014: Is there also an option to rent a bike? => There is no-where to rent bicycles there at this moment in time

RT @BKKMelissa: How can people without cars direct a taxi driver to the track? => If you come in from the motorway end, you need to turn left and drive past the bus terminal. Go straight across the intersection with traffic lights (long term parking is on your right). At the next intersection turn left and the entrance is on your right. You will need to do a U-Turn under the bridge.

RT @m_p_y: How hot is it? Any wind around there? looks like no trees, etc.. => I didn’t find it too hot though obviously best to go at the end of the day or really early. Not many trees. Plenty of wind though.

RT @johntylerbkk: I have heard there is a club to join to use track. Is that true? => Doesn’t seem to be correct. The track was built by AOT as a Corporate Social Responsibility project.

Feel free to add any more questions in the comments below.

58 thoughts on “Cycle Track Around Suvarnabhumi Airport

  1. Just a question: is it beter tombuy a bike in Europe and bring it to Thailand or can you buy good and cheap bikes in Thailand? I use to buy my bikes a Big C like supermarkets and paid EUR 200 for a 28″ city bike, 21 gears shimano with lights and mud and water shield.

    1. Prices have come down a lot here. I wouldn’t buy the cheap ones at Big C as you get what you pay for. Hardly ever last. In proper bike shops, you can get good bikes from about 12,000 Baht upwards. That was about the price of mine and it has already lasted several years.

    2. Bikes and bike equipment are about 30% more expensive in Thailand as compared to the US, at least (not sure about Europe but assume its similar?) due to the import tax. It might cost about $100USD tops to carry your bike on the plane. Therefore if you want to ride a bike worth more than about 200$ its probably better to buy it there and haul it to TH.

      1. Most international flights, bicycles packed up in a bike box (can get from your local bike store for free or a small fee) can travel for free. Just have to meet your total allotted weight requirements. Check with your airline.

  2. Hi Richard

    Is the bike track only one way (I know that sounds odd) but I want to ride from Bangkok to the Airport but the photos look like everyone is going in the one direction.

    Also, if you can travel from Bangkok, how do you get onto the track near Lumphini Park?

    Thanks!! Rebecca

  3. Hello Richard, is there any further news about bicycle rentals in the BKK area, or hotels that may offer bicycle rental / use while staying near BKK? I am thinking about staying near the airport for a few days if I can get a hold of a bicycle to do the airport loop.

  4. Hello
    I’m on search since Days for a good Bicycle or a Bike.. thats first time i come to Thailand without my own one.. and i can’t understand why there are no aczetable Bikes for Rent ..
    that must be a reasonable Business in such a Big City..
    In case someone can give me a Tip.. Thanks..

    1. There are thre very good bicycle shops on Sukhumvit Road opposit Soi 103 (Udomsuk Road) Take BTS to Udomsuk. Its very close to the BTS station. go out to the right hand side if you come from the city

  5. Hi Richard , can you tell the nearest hotel to the Cycle Track Around Suvarnabhumi preferably walking distance. thanks..

  6. Oh, I just read the comment, No rollerblading allowed. What a pitty, I think they must reconsidder as rolerblading can go easily as fast as a recreational bycicle. I’m still looking for a clean stretch of smooth path. Any suggestions for a rollerblading track?

  7. Just to update re airport train. You can’t take a bicycle on the airport train, unless it’s folded. Went with a friend today on BTS at 10am (BTS ok with bikes outside rush hour) to Phaya Thai but staff at airport link refused us even though it was quiet. Which seems ridiculous given that the cycle track is at the airport! Richard, do you know anyone at the airport train or perhaps at the track who could change this policy?

      1. Yes, been back to check! The woman in the information office near the entrance level to the ARL confirmed this – you just need to take off the front wheel.

        But what was clear the other day is that neither the security guys near the ticket office nor the people in the ticket office seem to have any idea about this. They told us, point blank, no bikes, and pointed to a ‘no bikes’ sign.

        1. i have also been rudely shouted at regarding NO BIKES!!!

          is there somewhere this front wheel rule is written(in thai) with appropriate signatures/authority?

    1. I had that problem both when they opened the train several years ago and when I went back to visit TH in late 2014… yes, quite ridiculous. Even during peak times that train is never really too crowded to allow people standing with bikes. In fact, not a lot of people actually use the train in general for this kind of reason… The train is sorta like a lot of other things in Thailand: for face (to make it seem like they have it together rather than to really truly have it together).

  8. Hi Richard, my name is Laura. I’m an associate producer for CNN Travel. I wanted to ask for your permission to use an image on your website. It would be great if you could email me. Thanks!

  9. Hello Richard
    I heard that the bike track was closed last month for a few days for renovation, and as of now it is not possible to access it from the south gate anymore – permanently closed!
    Is that true? Where exactly is the entrance now?
    Many thanks for your info

  10. Hi Richard, I’m planning to go cycling on the Track around Suvarnabhumi Airport on THU 23rd of October, would you be so kind to confirm whether it will be open and from which gate shall I enter? Cheers!

    1. The old gate is apparently closed and there is now a new gate at the northern end of the airport. I would think it would be open tomorrow. Most places in Thailand are open on public holidays. I am planning on going myself this week to map it out. But I’m not keen on going on Thursday as there will probably be a lot of people due to the holiday. But, if I change my mind and go sooner rather than later, I will tweet about it.

      1. Richard,

        I am planning to drive down tomorrow, Sunday, to cycle the route – is there any update on the starting point?

        Many thanks.


  11. Hello Richard
    Could you please let us/me know how to get to the entrance and where it is exactly? North entrance, right? The old – south entrance – is closed, correct?
    Many thanks

    1. Yes, the new entrance is in the northeast corner of the airport. I tweeted map links at the weekend when I visited. I will do a new blog on this morning and update this blog too with a new map.

      1. Accurate coordinates. I went last Sunday, good easy parking. Great cycle track. Porta Loos in evidence – BUT somebody is missing a trick here. What an opportunity to make something of this facility – food and drink outlets, bike hiring for those without bikes, bike repair facilities – the list is endless!! No doubt this will all happen eventually. I shall be back!! Martin

        1. I went there yesterday arriving around 11 am. Very few people around. Actually I saw only three other bikers. The entrance was hard to find and as I came on bike from Udomsuk it took me some time getting there. The area is nice but the surface of the path not that smooth, already cracking, but anyway, a nice trip. Regarding the facilities, yes, some small rest places could be nice but hopefully it will be made in a more nice way than the usually thai style with some sheds. Only place now to buy water etc. inside the area is on the other side of the dyke near the entrance and thats a real thai style shop. Unfortunately it was closed when i ended my round yesterday so had to buy water on the way back to Udomsuk.

  12. Hi Richard: I have been to the airport track several times with friends by car, ok, great. Now I would like to bike there from Thonglo along Petchaburi and LatKrabang, is that reasonably doable? Thanks: Gary

    1. I went there by bike from Udomsuk Road (Sukhumvit Soi 103)one month ago, and yes, it’s quite a trip. More than 65 km i went before i was back, but also took me some time and cycling around before i was able to find the entrance. But now I know the way it’s quite straight, but the entrance is at the other side of the airport when you come from here.

      1. But I can recommend the route Sukhumvit Soi 103 as not too much trafic on this route. From Thonglo to Soi 103 )Udomsuk Road) and turn left.

    2. The best route I’ve found is to take the road that runs directly underneath the Rail Link. I get onto this road at Ramkamphaeng station and this takes you most of the way to the airport. Take a look at google maps and you will find it easily. Half way along you must swap to the frontage road of the motorway. V nice route with hardly any cars.

        1. Most people are riding the 15km loop on the excellent road (Suv 3) beside the runway and alongside the track. Probably about 200 are there early on weekend mornings, so some groups to ride with/hide from the wind. Traffic understands to keep clear. Plenty of parking, many people park under the bridge turnaround on way to Bangna Trad. You can see progress on the track. Its SLOW. Any official date confirmed?

  13. Hi Richard
    The track is open now ?
    If my hotel in slim ,how to go ?(with my bike) by taxi or airport line ?

    Thx so much !!

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