Map and Information about Protests in Bangkok in March 2014

Map and Information about Protests in Bangkok in March 2014


CNN International: Richard Barrow, a full-time travel blogger based in Bangkok, is a top source for those seeking news about the protests as well as travel advice for tourists. He can be followed at



Please read my latest tweets above before asking questions. Also check the map for latest updates on protest sites.

The Bangkok Shutdown is over and the protesters have moved away from the intersections. However, this doesn’t mean that the protests are over. They are still continuing. But it does mean that Bangkok is now safer for tourists to visit. In particular, the main shopping area in Bangkok is now protest clear. At the moment, protesters are camping in Lumpini Park which is the new “Danger zone”. Other protesters are on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue and Chaeng Wattana near the Government Complex. Tourists are advised to stay away from rally sites and any large gatherings. If possible, also stay clear of government buildings.  Keep up with the latest information on Twitter.

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Pink markers are where people have been hurt or killed in the present or past (please note, these areas may be safe now if away from rally sites). Purple markers are main tourist attractions. Baskets are shopping areas. Red markers are rally sites. Flags are possible protest sites. This map is updated as and when there is an incident.

Rally sites at Phathumwan (MBK, Siam Square, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon), Ratchaprasong-Pratunam (Central World), Asoke (Terminal 21) and Sala Daeng (Silom) have been taken down. These shopping areas are now safe to visit. However, please be aware that Silom is close to the rally site at Lumpini Park. It’s advisable not to enter this park for safety reasons.


This is the new main rally site. It used to be on the road at Sala Daeng intersection and on Silom road. it is now inside Lumpini Park. It should be considered too dangerous for you to visit this park. However, hotels in this area should now be fine as well as shopping on Silom including Patpong Night Market.


This is the other rally site that is near an area used by tourists. Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue from Phan Fah Bridge (bottom right) all the way towards the Royal Plaza (the statue of King Rama V on a horse) should be considered off limits and dangerous.


Ratchadamnoe Klang from the Democracy monument (center of this picture) to Phan Fah Bridge is blocked to traffic. This should be considered a No-Man’s Land and therefore potentially dangerous. Police are not allowed to enter both of these zones and so the rule of law does not apply. If you enter, you are on your own. Ratanakosin Exhibition Hall on this road is closed.  On the above picture I have circled Khao San road. This is far enough away to be safe but you should keep up with news on Twitter in case something happens. There was a serious clash at Phan Fah bridge in February and people were killed.

The other rally site is at the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana.  Foreigners only go to this area to visit Immigration. This is presently closed (see here for updates) and people should go to their offices at Imperial Ladprao or Major Suksawat instead.

Feel free to ask questions below or on my Facebook Page. But please read my latest tweets first and check the map.

146 thoughts on “Map and Information about Protests in Bangkok in March 2014

  1. Hi Richard
    Your info has been very helpful during my visit to BKK in Feb.. now I am going again this weekend. Any areas to avoid following the recent turn of events regarding the PM?

  2. Hi, Richard. I am going to visit Bangkok in the coming Saturday, May 17 for celebrating my anniversary. I am quite worry about the protest in bangkok now and not sure which tourist areas are dangerous because of the protest. Could you give me some advice? I am going to stay at Terminal 21 during my stay in bangkok. Is this hotel a safe one? And, which shopping malls or night markets that I should avoid going to? I am quite worry about that but we still want to go there for celebrating our lovely moment. I hope that you could give me your valuable advice, please. Thanks a lot in advance.

    1. At this moment in time those areas are fine. However, the situation is changing at the moment. I am expecting to be able to do a blog on Tuesday with an updated map of rally sites. Until then we just don’t know for sure.

  3. Hi, I am visiting Bangkok from 12-15 may and I am living in pratunam, so is it safe? I am really worried … And what might happen if there is a civil war?

    1. At this moment, yes it is. I should be able to do a follow up blog on Tuesday when I survey the new rally sites. Please wait for that or follow me live on twitter.

  4. Hi, Richard! I would like to know the latest update of the protest in Bangkok as I am going there on this Sat and will be staying at The Heritage Bangkok. Is everything okay now? Your advice is much appreciated and thanks.

  5. Hi Richard, i will be staying at KC Place tomorrow, is terminal 21 and siam paragon dangerous to travel to? Is pratunam affected? Appreciate your response. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I was just wondering how safe it would be travel to Bangkok on the 1st of June until the 7th? I will be staying very close to silom and wasn’t sure if it would be safe as I know the elections are on the 20th.


  7. Hi Richard, I’m travelling to BKK today for the weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We are staying at the Sofitel So Hotel located 2, North Sathorn Road, just across Lumpini Park. Please tell me it’s safe.. Would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

  8. Hi, Richard! May I know is it safe to visit Grand Palace as I guess is quite near to rally place according to the map. thanks.

  9. Richard,
    I’ll be staying at Berkeley Hotel Pratunam on 22-25. I watched the news about big rally next week. Will Pratunam be safe? What means of transport around Bangkok would you suggest? Didn’t mind paying extra as long as I can reach my scheduled destination on time.

  10. Hey Richard – I’m in Bangkok this week – do you think Ratchadamnoen Stadium is too close to protest areas to risk visiting? Thank you so much for your twitter feed too – it’s proved invaluable in the past…

    Many thanks

  11. Hi Richard! I’m supposed to be doing my UN internship in Bangkok from June and staying at Beyond Suite Rama 8 on Wisutkasat Road. Do you think it’s safe to do so?

  12. Dear Richard,
    My family with children arrive June 6th for 4 days in Bangkok. Barring any major civil unrest or changes, we are taking your suggestion to still keep our trip to Thailand and just avoid the protest areas at that time versus cancelling our trip all together, just like the US travel alert. We are a bit nervous but keep hearing that we can still visit and enjoy the city if avoiding the protest areas.

    But we would like to know what is the safest way to travel from our hotel (shangri la) and BKK and DMK and back? A privat hotel car service?

    We also have to travel later in June between DMK and BKK in the afternoon. We are open to paying more for private car or other means. Safety and timely travel to and between the airports is our primary goal.
    thank you!

  13. Thank you for your blog and google map, invaluable. My daughter will be in a study abroad trip to Thailand and Cambodia with seven other college students, leaving on May 20 with their professor. They will be staying primarily in Bangkok’s Lumphini area and hearing lectures at Mahodol University. The group is also traveling in a small van to Angkor Wat, then to Pattaya. If you have time to give your thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

  14. Is it safe to travel from Cambodia (SR) going to Thailand(BKK)via land (Natakkan Bus Company) point of entry is Poi Pet. I was concerned because i read a BKK travel advisory to stay away from Thailand – Cambodian Border. Here’s the article
    “There have been frequent clashes between Thailand and Cambodia over a border dispute in this region, including exchanges of gunfire and artillery, which resulted in numerous fatalities and the evacuation of civilians. Martial law is in effect in the area and the presence of landmines has been reported. Tensions are high and military hostilities could further escalate without warning. Exercise a high degree of caution if you are travelling to all other areas of the Thai-Cambodian border. How true is this?

  15. Hi Richard – I’m in Bangkok this week (from 21st May to 24th May)– We’ll stay at Bangkok City Hotel (268 Soi Petchburi, 10-12 Petchburi Road, Ratchathewi). We’ll visit Wat Pho, Wat Yanawa, Wat Arun and go shopping at Big C & Platium. Is it safe to do these things? Thank you so much for your twitter feed too. Many thanks and Best regards.

  16. Richard,

    Are first indications that with Martial Law and increased army presence, will tourism continue to largely unaffected? I know things are not settled, but would you characterize this as a more stabilizing situation moving forward?

  17. Hi Richard Im going toBBK 31st May staying at Grand China Hotel is it away from the protesters

  18. Hi Richard,

    I am visiting Bangkok, the Shanghai Hotel on Yawaraj Road, Samphanthawong. I am coming from South Africa. Please advise how safe it is. My boyfriend is very concerned about civil war etc.


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