Map and Updates on the Coup in Thailand

Map and Updates on the Coup in Thailand


[Updated 14/June/2014] We went from Martial Law on Tuesday 20 May to a fully fledged military coup on Thursday 22 May. The takeover by the army is being called “bloodless” at the moment but this could change. The Red Shirts who support the government, originally said that they would rise up if the military attempted a coup. No sign of that so far. So, what does a coup mean for the average tourist and expat in Bangkok and Thailand? Well, the main hindrance for them was the nightly curfew. But this was dropped nationwide on 13th June 2014.  Follow me on Twitter for latest information.

UPDATE: Curfew has now been dropped in Thailand.


When people talk about a coup they imagine the streets to be flooded with tanks and soldiers and bloody street by street fighting. Not so here in Bangkok. At least, not so far. At the moment, all of the tourist attractions in Bangkok are open as normal as are the government offices like Immigration.  All of the shopping malls and markets are also open as normal. The skytrain, subway and airport rail link operate as normal. The airport and all flights are also operating as normal.

CNN International: Richard Barrow, a full-time travel blogger based in Bangkok, is a top source for those seeking news about the protests as well as travel advice for tourists. He can be followed at

For the latest news, always check my twitter feed. I am tweeting 24/7 at the moment. Literally.


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Purple markers are main tourist attractions. Baskets are shopping areas. Red markers are popular protest sites but are empty most of the time. Flags are possible protest sites. This map is updated as and when there is an incident.

TRAVEL ADVICE FROM THE UK GOVERNMENT: You should take extra care and avoid all protest sites, political gatherings, demonstrations and marches in Bangkok [MORE] TRAVEL ADVICE FROM THE US GOVERNMENT: U.S. citizens are advised to stay alert, exercise caution, and monitor media coverage. You are advised to avoid areas where there are protest events, large gatherings, or security operations and follow the instructions of Thai authorities [MORE] Feel free to post your questions in the comments below. But, don’t ask me to predict the future. No-one knows what tomorrow will bring! I don’t get paid to help tourists on twitter. If you would like to buy me a beer or make a donation, please use the form in the top left. Also, if you book your hotel on agoda by using this link, I get a small commission. It doesn’t affect your price. Thanks.  

368 thoughts on “Map and Updates on the Coup in Thailand

  1. My family’s flight arrives in BKK during the curfew hours (12:30am). I usually have a friend pick me up at the airport and take us to our hotel. Is this allowable under the current curfew rules, or do we need to grab a couple of taxis?

    1. You are allowed to travel to and from the airport during curfew. But make sure you have documents to proove that you are doing this – like tickets/passports etc. If worried, then take a taxi.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I’m just wondering if you know whether the overnight train from Bangkok to phitsanulok is affected by the curfew? I think it departs at 10pm.

    Many thanks!

  3. Hello Richard, I am planning a 20 day trip to Thailand for the month of July. Do you think that next month the situation will remain stable? you see a regular flow of tourists in Bangkok? I have not yet bought the ticket …. thank you very much

  4. Hi Richard, I be going to Bkk in next week and is staying around pratunam area. Just would like to find out how is the current situation and is it safe to travel around. Thank you!

  5. Hello Mr Richard,
    firstly thanks for all the updates of Thailand. I actually have plans to head to BKK in early July for a couple of days, from the news there isn’t any update of the Thailand election is going to happen which I thought maybe in July.

    It just left me not sure should I go ahead and book or change my plan, as situation seems to slowly build up into something more serious perhaps?

  6. Hello Richard, do you know anything about the BOI being back in place or is that still on hold it was due to restart in May.

  7. Dear Richard,
    Shouldn’t travel warnings be lifted for tourists? The curfew has been lifted in most tourist destinations, why are foreign embassies still painting Thailand black? It’s safe to travel in Thailand now.
    Thanks, Judith

  8. Hi Richard!

    Just wondering if you have any idea on the weather in Krabi for the month of June?

    Does it falls under the raining season or period?

    Any trusted weather site that can be used?


  9. Hello Richard,
    Thanks for your updates on the lifting of the curfew in more tourist destinations in Thailand. My favorite place to visit is Koh Tao and its breath taking coral reefs. Also Koh Chang is an island paradise I love to visit too. What’s your favorite place to visit?
    Thanks, Judith

  10. Dear Richard,
    For travelers new to Thailand what is your current advice? And being that your opinion is respected amongst travelers to Thailand, what influences your guiding?
    Yours openly, Judith

    1. I think a lot of people agree that security in Thailand is now better than before the coup. Which is good news for expats and tourists. (However, not so for the local people and their human rights.) You will find that the main tourist destinations around Thailand no longer have a curfew and everything is normal. Even in Bangkok you would hardly know there was a coup, apart from bars closing at midnight. As long as you have valid insurance I wouldn’t hesitate about coming here. In fact my cousin is come to Thailand soon for the first time. Just keep up with the news while you are here.

  11. Dear Richard,
    The curfew imposed to restore peace and harmony will soon be lifted throughout Thailand. This is because everyone wants peace and harmony. Thai people love each other and understand the current events. Foreign eyes might not, but as you advise it is safer now in Thailand. My mother is coming over in October and we’re planning to travel to Koh Samui for two weeks. She’s 73 and looking forward to it, hope others paranoid view of Thai life doesn’t change her mind.
    Yours happyly, Judith

  12. I recently graduated from law school and am planning on moving to Thailand. Of course, this choice has been met with some hostility. I have been watching the information about the coup (I was actually in Egypt during the protests and the ousting of Morsi).

    I wonder how things are looking in Chiang Mai, which is where I will be moving.

  13. Hi Richard,
    Latest travel advise issued by most foreign embassies in Thailand recently is good advise. Have you read it? Travel is far more interesting to read about.
    Just saying, Judith

    1. Can you give me some links. I did a quick google search and found this on the US Embassy web site:

      “The U.S. Department of State recommends that U.S. citizens reconsider any non-essential travel to Thailand”

  14. Dear Richard,
    I live in Thailand and it is safer now than it was during the months of protests. Freedom of speech is as it has always been in Thailand. The flag of Thailand has meaning. Thai means free. I understand the need for the army to step in and keep the peace. Travel blogging is good for tourism but ongoing updates negative towards the army is wrong. I am a guest in the Kingdom of Thailand, leave it to them to solve their own problems.
    This is my last post, Judith

  15. Dear Richard,
    Is the crackdown on illegal immigrants similar to neighboring countries this year, notably Malaysia. Shouldn’t immigrant workers registered to work legally, the law is the law. You are registered to work here, so should everyone else.
    Regards, Judith

  16. Dear Richard,
    Rumors of beatings and shootings. Hmm, is their any solid evidence? Also I see that Thailand is strengthening its relationship with China, do you know any travel bloggers who give useful advice in Chinese?

  17. My friend Richard,
    Please publish the happy side of Thai life, are you not promoting Thailand as a travel blogger? Listen to the cranberries song Zombie. Cheer up old chap, your depressing the travelers with your negative mood.
    Take Prozac, Judith

  18. Hi Richard,
    How is the condition in bangkok currently?
    Is it safe for tourists to visit bangkok now?
    Thank you

  19. Dear Richard,

    thanks for very useful info on the ground. It is very reassuring. We are planning a trip to Thailand towards end July. Just wanted to check base for any political event( elections, referendum, signing charters etc) that you know of happening around that time. Assumption being, such days might be more “Active” days for the protests.


  20. Hi Richard,

    Could you give me the best and cheap option transportation from bangkok to ko samui? Which hotel do you suggest for stay in ko samui?

  21. Hi Richard,
    I am considering flying from Australia to Europe via BKK in a couple of weeks, with some hours in transit. As far as I have understood the air traffic in and out of Bangkok is normal at the moment. Is there any safety related information you are aware of that I should consider before booking my flights?
    With thanks, Nina

  22. Hi Richard,
    Your help was greatly appreciated in Jan during the political unrest and I had a great solo trip. Sorry to ask you something off topic but I have been reading about some floods in Thailand and since this time my entire family is travelling to Phuket and Bangkok Oct 12-19th I am a bit concerned. Would it be safe ti travel to these two places mid October 2014? Parents and kids will be with me this time. Any helo will be appreciated. Thank you

    1. You are travelling during the rainy season and so you should expect storms & floods. But it isn’t as bad as it sounds. No big or lasting floods are expected in Bangkok this year and any floods we get usually drain in an hour or so after it stops raining. Same for Phuket which is an island. So, don’t worry.

  23. Hi Richard,
    Really like your blog, thanks for sharing all this information!
    I am going to Bangkok and some islands next month with my husband and we are worried because of the Martial Law and last news regarding tourist murders. Do you think tourists are not safe anymore in Thailand nowadays?

    1. No-one wants martial law, but it is a fact that it is safer now than it was during the protests that proceeded the coup. In addition, the majority of tourists wouldn’t know there was a military junta or martial law. There are no soldiers on the streets. No night time curfews. Martial law only affects Thai people, not their guests. Having said that, you do need to check your insurance small print. As for tourist murders, these kind of things happen all around the world. Thailand is not unique in this respect. Yes, you have to be careful and street smart, but there is no reason to be paranoid. Just don’t forget, you are in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language or fully understand the culture and customs.

  24. Dear Richard Barrow,

    We have been in Krabi and Bangkok for a few days sometimes in August this year. In Bangkok we stayed in Pratunam area and we found out that the daily activities of the local people and tourists went on as usual. No unwanted incidents happened during that time. Peace is maintained. Security wise, I am confident to visit Bangkok in the future. Infact, we will visit Bangkok again in March next year.

    This month, I am going to visit Phuket and hope the same peaceful environment prevails in Phuket too. What is your comment regarding visiting
    to Phuket in terms of security? Your inputs are appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Phuket is fine for tourists but you should understands it is a very popular place. The number of foreigners visiting has increased greatly and the infrastructure cannot keep up with it. For example, the police force is inadequate. Number of policemen and tourist police needs to be increased. But, they are making good efforts to address all of the problems including tourist safety.

      1. Thank you for your comments. Based on your input about Phuket, is tourist safety not well taken care of? In a simple term it it safe to be there?

        1. Countless thousands of tourists are there every day with no problems. My cousin was there last month with her family and said she wants to return. I have friends who are expats there and say they feel safer than back home. Of course, they could always do more to help. But then, how many countries do you know about that have special tourist police like they do in Thailand?

          1. Dear Richard Barrow,

            Thank you for your comments. Tourist police is also available in Malaysia.
            They will assist us when we are in need. As it is now, I feel safe to travel to Thailand. I have been to scores of places in Thailand after the coup but found no untoward incidents so far. A group of us will be going to Bangkok again in couple of months time. What my nerve tells me is confidence.

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