Highlights of Pictures Tweeted on Ratchaburi Trip on Day 1

Highlights of Pictures Tweeted on Ratchaburi Trip on Day 1

I’m on a two day trip to Ratchaburi Province. Most of my time will be spent in Suan Pheung. These are the highlights of the pictures that I tweeted on the first day.

8 thoughts on “Highlights of Pictures Tweeted on Ratchaburi Trip on Day 1

  1. Hi richard, i’m sorry if i’m posting multiple times because i can’t see my comment. i would like to ask, which farm do you recommend between the scenery vintage farm and swiss valley hip resort and farm? i’m only looking at a day trip as i have my hotel booked in bangkok already. thanks!

    1. All comments go into the moderator’s queue first. Partly because of spam but also because of the computer law in Thailand.

      It’s a little bit too far for a day trip though I guess it is doable. I think both of those are much the same as each other.

      1. okay, driving from bangkok to suan pheung takes about 2.5 hours right? can we feed the sheep anytime at these resorts or is there a certain feeding time? how far is the flinestones resort from scenery vintage farm and is the farm open to visitors who don’t stay over? what do you think if i do the following route:

        sheep feeding and activities at swiss valley hip -> scenery vintage farm for photos and souvenirs -> flinestones resort for photos.

        i’ve read other blogs that mention swiss valley sheep are more tame.

        would appreciate your advise please 🙂 thanks!

  2. oh thanks! by the way jus wanna check, is the road leading to suan phueng from bangkok in any way affected by the protests? how about the road leading to lopburi from bangkok as well? thank u so much

  3. Hi Richard

    We are planning to go Suan Phueng in Dec with our children but we do not know how many days should we stay in Suan Phueng?

    Should we hire a driver to take us around in Suan Phueng?


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