Proposed Fare Hike for Bangkok Taxis

Proposed Fare Hike for Bangkok Taxis


Taxi drivers were protesting in front of Government house the other day in opposition to the possibility of a LPG price rise. They argued that the minimum fare of 35 Baht hasn’t been raised for many years but their cost of living and working has continued to go up. PM Yingluck doesn’t agree with this raise in fares as she thinks it will affect the cost of living. In addition, the Transport Minister argues that only 33% of taxis use LPG and anyway, he said, any raise of LPG prices would only affect the household sector. But, he did concede that the traffic variance fare rate might be raised from the current 1.50 Baht a minute.

How much does it cost to take a taxi in Bangkok? When you get in a taxi the price starts at 35 Baht and this continues for the first kilometer. This then goes up to 5 Baht/kilometer for a distance up to 12 kms, 5.5 Baht/km up to 20 kms, 6 Baht/km up to 40 kms etc. Finally, over 80 kms is 8.5 Baht/km. In addition to this, if the taxi is stuck in a traffic jam and cannot go faster than 6 km/hour, there is an extra fare of 1.5 Baht per minute.

What taxi drivers want: When you get in the taxi they want the flag-up fare to be 50 Baht (up from 35B), but this will last for the first two kilometers. Then after that it will be 12 Baht a kilometer (up from 5B/km). They also want the airport surcharge to be 100 Baht (up from 50B).

What do you think? is this fair? Will it encourage them to take more fares?

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  1. Seems fair to me. In return they have to take passengers where they want to go with no excuses and a hotline for complaints that is actually manned needs to be set up with 10,000 baht fines for repeat offenders. Police have to move taxis that camp outside hotels and tout guests and if the same taxis repeatedly park outside hotels then they get a 10,000 baht fine too.

  2. To be honest I think they’re long overdue a fare hike. A five or ten baht rise in the flag fare would be a start.

  3. Come to Phuket. 200 baht minimum in small tin boxes called tuk-tuks. No proper taxis roaming the streets for customers – it’s against the rules of the taxi thug ‘co-operatives’ that rule this island.

  4. I think it is fair that taxi drivers in Bangkok are allowed to increase the fares through the meter. It’s certainly been years since they had one. I don’t agree with doubling the B50 to B100 from the airport. Most business from the airport is into the City which is a good job for the drivers and they don’t have to wait for work as there is a constant demand.
    In fact, compared with Chiang Mai and Udon Thani and Khon Kaen where I have lots of experience, Bangkok taxis are very good value as I would estimate that 85% of drivers are happy to use the meter whereas from the aforementioned places all drivers flatly refuse to use the meter in spite of the taxis showing they are taxi-metered.
    As in many aspects of life in Thailand, there are laws but little enforcement.

  5. It certainly seems FARE to me. Taxi drivers in BKK have one of the worst jobs in the world, IMO. The roads in that city are so hectic and stressful that anybody who drives through them full-time deserves more than pennies.

  6. One other thing that justifies a fair increase is that fuel, especially petrol and diesel have gone up nearly 300% in the last ten years. 2003 fuel B12 per litre!!

    1. A bit of an exaggeration! 10 years ago diesel was about 15 baht/litre and is now 30 baht/litre.

      So the rise is 100%, not 300%.

  7. It is not an outrageous increase, is overdue and seems fair enough to me. The drivers need to eat too. The new fee structure will make long rides significantly more expensive, but those are a luxury and there are often public transport alternatives. Currently, taking a taxi for 3 people is cheaper than BTS.

    The airport surcharge raise is a bit dubious, especially given that with the increase the fare (without the surcharge) would be around 400-500 baht from most places (instead of 200-250 so far). Certainly an incentive to use the train.

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