Free WiFi at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Free WiFi at Suvarnabhumi Airport


If you find yourself in transit at Suvarnabhumi Airport or there is a flight delay, you will be glad to know that you can apply for free WiFi. The counters for this are flight side. You have to write down your name, nationality & passport number. However, they are not strict and don’t check what you write. Which was good for me as I didn’t have my passport and couldn’t remember my number. You are then given a username and password which is good for one hour. They told me that I can apply for another if it ran out.

4 thoughts on “Free WiFi at Suvarnabhumi Airport

  1. Unfortunately, the connection is very up and down. More down than up in my experience. For people who don’t know the airport, finding out where to apply, is also a hassle. Most airports have free wifi without this ancient method, but I guess they want to be able to trace you if you do something on the net that is not according to Thai laws.

    1. Jorgen is correct – a rule was issued some years ago for users to give name, passport number, phone number and time of log in – I experienced it at TOT HQ internet “cafe” in Chidlom when it was first introduced. The staff apologised to me for the inconvenience. Thereafter, each time I visited they just said mai pen rai, no need! It seems to be just for “show”.

  2. You can also use the computer terminals, which are also free. No passwords, no registration, no nothing. Just sit down and peck away. They’re right at the sections where the alphabets “fork into numbers”. ie. just before you descend down the last flight of escalators/stairs to your boarding area.

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