Facebook App for Watching Thai TV for Free

Facebook App for Watching Thai TV for Free


I often get emails from people asking how they can watch Thai TV on the Internet. There are quite a few websites that give you this service, but as I know many people use Facebook I thought I would point out this new app. It is called KirzTV and you can install onto your Facebook page by clicking on the link. While installing it asks permission to access your data and also to post onto your page. If you don’t like this kind of thing, then just change the setting so that only you see the posts. At present there are 21 Thai TV channels. Apparently more are coming later in the year. I think it is certainly worth keeping an eye on this one. If you know of any other good websites for watching Thai TV then please post in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Facebook App for Watching Thai TV for Free

  1. Dootv[dot]com isn´t half bad. I find their methods a bit strange, though. They advertise an British server on their site, which I found to be a good idea, since the default server is sometimes lagging a bit, but the link is dead. And when I ask their support about that, they absolutely deny that there is or even has been another server (other than the US-based). Pretty strange – doesn´t instill confidence in their service.
    Instead my wife has turned to the excellent, free Android app “Tv Thailand”
    On demand tv, not live, but works like a charm if you have the patience to go through the relatively short segments that comprise the full shows.

  2. Doo TV was great, not anymore – I am paying their service. For a smaller amount of money, you could see live TV (without streaming problems) and a large amount (10.000+ I thing) of “older things”. You could start and stop – clients for web and smartphones etc. So a lot things for fair amount.

    Now sadly, their feeds from UK is gone -leaving us with US based feeds with less bandwidth causing quality problems and sometimes no services. I have been writing to the their support and on their facebook page number of times, they sometimes reply but never solves a problem.

  3. Doesn’t appear to work very well here in Canada, whereas Dootv does work well. I do understand that your trying to locate free apps.

    Not much success with kirz hd lite app either. Anyone else have any success? If so, from where in he world?

      1. Have you had any success watching North American or UK tv from within Thailand? When we move there in a few years time I have a few ideas on how to do it, but will have to familiarize myself with Thai law first. Things we can do here legally, may not be legal in Thailand. Proxy servers or outside DNS servers for example. Hope this is not to off track for the original thread.

        1. I use StrongVPN, link at the top of the page. But there’s plenty of free IPTV options which I will blog about later. A good subscription one for UK TV is ThaiExpatTV. Their server is in Thailand and so no buffering.

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