Everything that is wrong with traffic in Bangkok

Everything that is wrong with traffic in Bangkok


This is a classic picture which is being widely shared on Facebook at the moment. It clearly shows what is wrong with traffic in Bangkok. This looks like the road in front of Chatuchak where passenger vans & taxis compete with buses to pick up passengers. Although buses and other big vehicles are not allowed in the right hand lane, you can see them using it to overtake other vehicles and then cut in front of them to stop to pick up passengers. Some don’t even go to the far left lane before stopping to drop off or pick up passengers. You often see them stopping in the middle of the road which is so dangerous for passengers and an annoyance for vehicles behind them.

There are traffic laws against this kind of practice but as usual the law is not enforced. And when it is, it is never consistent. It is the truth that most drivers are not scared of the police or the consequences.

RT @Woodytalk: เจอภาพนี้ใน Facebook ของ ZaaNetwork ชวนให้คิดถึงที่มาที่แท้จริงของเหตุการณ์ในภาพ Taxi vs Bus

12 thoughts on “Everything that is wrong with traffic in Bangkok

  1. Town Planners note:
    Stagger the bus-stops away from the van stops, away from the taxi-stops.

    The “Thai Way” not working? Hire Foreigners who are professionals and NOT “Yes Men” then …

    1. It would make no difference, the problem is the buses using the outside lane. They do this all over Bangkok, and most of the time totally block 2x or 3x lanes when picking up & dropping off as they cut across the other lanes to do it.

    2. There’s no such thing as taxi stops in Thailand. Tends to be flexible for other kinds of vehicles as well.

  2. Don’t forget, the buses also have to compete with the taxis and mini-vans which block the inside lanes (waiting for customers). The ‘crackdown’ a few months doesn’t seem to have made much difference.

  3. There was a crackdown? LOL.

    The BTS proves a lane of traffic can (mostly) be blocked off from other usage – unless there’s some sort of political will against providing residents with a public transportation system that works.

  4. Wow. I’m SO glad I don’t work in Bangkok. If someone asked me about traffic in this city, I’d have to say that in my personal experience, it’s not too bad. And I’d be so very wrong.

  5. Why do people that visit or live in Thailand always seem so dissapointed that life differs from Europe or the U.S?Who’d wan’t to come here if it was the same?

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