Countdown to Demolition of Saphan Taksin Station

Countdown to Demolition of Saphan Taksin Station


It’s looking like BTS Saphan Taksin won’t be receiving a last minute reprieve after all. The countdown is now on for its demolition in order to make room for two tracks over Taksin Bridge. This station has been useful for people wanting to transfer to the river boats and nearby hotels and condominiums. Now they will have to exit from BTS Surasak and then take a travelator along a 711 meter long skywalk to the river. The construction of the skywalk and the demolition of Saphan Taksin station is expected to start in July 2013 and will take about 21 months to complete. The first stage is the 611 Million baht skywalk that will take 360 days. This will be followed by the demolition of the station which will cost 77 Million Baht and take 270 days. Work will take place from midnight to 6 a.m. and so it won’t affect any of the trains.

7 thoughts on “Countdown to Demolition of Saphan Taksin Station

  1. Well, considering that these things always overrun its going to be close to two years before the station is closed for demolition.

  2. Where will the two-way 711m skywalk/travelator (The Yingluck Skyglide) be located? Under the existing BTS track or a completely separate construction? It might be fun for the tourists but, unless fully enclosed and air conditioned, local Thai commuters won’t like standing (or walking when it breaks down)! Are there any engineering concept drawings online? I can’t find any.

    1. Not sure why you call it the “Yingluck Skyglide” as it the brainchild of the Democrat’s BMA. Nothing to do with the PM. Judging by the artist’s impression above, it is below the tracks like other skywalks but this one seems to be enclosed.

  3. What a dumb proposal. Not only will this demolition likely take well over 21 months seeing that we’re talking about Thailand here not China but it begs the question as to why the dumb-asses that designed the Skytrain didn’t build two tracks going over the river from the beginning, all the well knowing that future extensions would be very likely? Demolishing a very useful station like this will cause a lot of inconvenience for travelers on this line. One more reason why I choose to battle the traffic in my car than use public transport in Thailand even if it’s slow, at least I know I can somehow get to my destination by car.

    1. There are two tracks going over the river. However due to the road bridges either side of the tracks there is not enough room for a full sized station. This has been covered countless times.

  4. Thanks for posting this. Please keep us all updated on when it actually does close. It’s going to have a big impact when it does.

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