Sneaky Packaging by Tesco Lotus

Sneaky Packaging by Tesco Lotus


At first glance the products in each picture look the same. But if you look more closely, the cheaper version is Tesco’s home brand. Surely this is a bit sneaky to make the packaging of their product nearly the same as that of a rival? What do you think? Should they be allowed to get away with it?

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14 thoughts on “Sneaky Packaging by Tesco Lotus

  1. that’s not really nice for Tesco to make like that.
    they actually did exactly the same color and appearance for that.. but hey, if if it is a lot more reasonable and quality products, I would say consumers will decide about this.. But i would suggest what Safeway/Woolworth’s in Australia practiced, use all white color with clear labeling for no designs and beautification and actually sell quality products and sell so much cheaper than other brands..

  2. Works especially well for those who can’t read a word of English, and missed seeing “Tesco”.

    However, Tesco Brand outside of Thailand does use it’s own “Generic Brand” packaging. Peek here to see what they look like (for those who do not know).

    Having said that, the Tesco-brand products are not half bad at all. In fact, stripped of its’ packaging, one can hardly tell the difference between Brand X, and Tesco. And, you’d save a bit of cash too.
    But in the end, it all boils down to “Buyer Beware”.

  3. i’m sorry, but it says tesco right on the label. how is that sneaky? and by the way… i’ve tried the grenadine… it tastes just the same as the thai brand but 10 baht cheaper (and i knew it was the tesco brand because I READ THE LABEL)

  4. This is fairly common practice in American supermarkets and pharmacies/chemists. I actually like that they do this so that if I see the name brand, I can easily do a visual scan of the shelf and find the cheaper storebrand.

  5. Quite often, house brands are made by the same company that they are imitating. The same strategy is used on this side of the pond by big box stores like Costco (Kirkland Signatures), Walmart (Great Value, Equate & Mainstays), and others. In the end it’s a win/win for the manufacturer and the retailer, even if it can confuse the end user.

  6. Since it clearly says “Tesco” I don’t see a problem. Yes it’s a bit sneaky but the name is right there for all to read.

  7. I bet 98 out of 100 Thais who shop Lotus recognize the English word Lotus. They make it prominant on the packaging so its not that bad.

  8. In legal terms this is “passing off”. The “copy” product uses the same general appearance and seeks some sort of benefit in brand trust from this. It is illegal under most intellectual propert law. However the real trademak owners are reluctant to prosecute as retailers such as Tesco threaten to delist the real product. Its a form of blackmail.

  9. Many of these house brands have the same ingredients as and may be produced by the original manufacture. The original brands have to agree to this in order to get shelf space in a big chain store.

    Yes it is good for the consumer.

  10. Richard Barrow
    6 mos, 3 wks ago
    And for those Thai people who cannot read English?!

    What I find very annoying is the covering over the ingredients with a Thai label. Why can’t they place the Thai label next to the original English label so non Thai speakers can read the ingredients? I don’t want anything high in salt, sugar and no MSG or trans fats.

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