Smooth Ass Silk Cream for Cyclists in Thailand

Smooth Ass Silk Cream for Cyclists in Thailand

Some friends are launching a new product for cyclists. It sounds kind of interesting so I thought I would share it with you. I must admit I do get saddle sore sometimes but as I hardly ever ride all day long it isn’t really a issue with me. But you might like to try it out. Here is what they say:

Improve your cycling experience today! Smooth Ass Silk prevents chafing commonly associated with cycling. Skin irritation is the leading cause of saddle sores, our unique ingredients have been combined to keep your skin protected. Prevent inflammation, bacterial infection, and discomfort by applying Smooth Ass Silk before every ride.

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6 thoughts on “Smooth Ass Silk Cream for Cyclists in Thailand

  1. I suggest that your friends include the ingredient label on their website. I don´t buy a product unless I can see the ingredient label first. Why? Because it’s important for me to know what’s in the product. Not all ingredients in personal care and cosmetic products are beneficial or benign. I can usually tell a good product from a crap product just by looking at the label.

      1. I love the name, in thai and in english ! Lot kan djep toot ! sanouk ! I think your friends will make good bizness as i see more and more ciclists on the road, outside Bangkok .

  2. is this similar to ‘liquid talc’ which is available in Boots in the UK, but not yet seen here in Thailand ? also good for anti chaffing :–))

  3. bicycling[dot]com reviews 8 such products. Active ingredients include tea tree and eucalyptus oils plus an antibacterial component. They are all-natural organic products – this latter point could be added to the Smooth Ass Silk website – people prefer safe products on sensitive areas! Chok dee.

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