A Kind-Hearted Bangkok Taxi Driver

A Kind-Hearted Bangkok Taxi Driver


News this morning of a kind-hearted taxi driver who found 520,000B & returned it to its owner. Bangkok taxi drivers often get a lot of bad press that it is always comforting to read stories like this one. I’ve hardly ever had a bad taxi driver and so always feel sorry for these guys. What about you? Do you have any positive experiences with taxi drivers?

RT @fm91trafficpro: คนดีจริงๆ… คุณสถิตย์ คำหอม ขับแท็กซี่ สีชมพู-น้ำเงิน ทล 286 เก็บเงินสดได้520,000บาท ก่อนวนรถกลับส่งคืนเจ้าของ ที่จะนำเงินไปซื้อรถเช้านี้

10 thoughts on “A Kind-Hearted Bangkok Taxi Driver

  1. I had so many great experiences with Bangkok taxis, both car and motorbike versions! I lived in Bangkok for a year and had some really kind people- including giving excellent directions, being friendly, etc. Sometimes people (especially foreigners), in their rush, forget to realize that taxi driver are human too. Some kindness and respect goes a long way. I learned enough Thai to ask them how they were doing and to make very small talk, and that helped a long way in having great experiences.

  2. yes, I took this cab once, driven by khun vizian, and he is part of a network of ex-police and ex-army drivers. when ever there is trouble or cheating from other taxi drivers, we can call him and his network of friends will help out. I never had the chance to call him with problems, but it was very comforting to know that someone out there cares.

  3. I have never had a really bad experience. One or two didn’t want to use the meter, but in the end the cost to me was about the same. I always feel a little bad for those guys. It’s a tough way to make a living. I’m sure I usually tip too much.

  4. I have to admit to have a similar experience in Bangkok after a taxi dropped me at my hotel in soi 4 Nana Hotel.He forgot to take out my suitcase with a big amount of silver jewelry ,worth more then 200.000 bht and left unnoticed…..
    We were very worried,the hotel staff tried to launch a search through taxicompanies but we failed to locate the driver….untill he came back after an hour or so remembering the farang forgot his luggage ! Lucky me !!!

  5. Bad experiences inside a taxi in Bangkok? Not really. Finding a taxi driver who wants to take you to a certain destination though can be still difficult, regardless of the new law, especially during the afternoon rush hour. But whenever I mentioned the new law to a driver and that there is a fine etc. he suddenly asked me to get in and had the time to take me to my destination.

  6. I’m quite young and live alone in Thailand. I always thought this would make me a good target… Like a walking billboard saying, “Take advantage of me!”

    Although I’ve been taken advantage of by airport taxi drivers, I can’t say the same in any other situation. The motorcycle taxi drivers that I met are some of the kindest people who I’ve ever come across. They constantly go out of their way to help me with simple things. One even helped me with my banking the first time I had to transfer money to an account. They’re always offering me local snacks too.

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