Toddler in a Bicycle “Sidecar” in Bangkok Traffic

Toddler in a Bicycle “Sidecar” in Bangkok Traffic


This foreigner on a bicycle was spotted in Bangkok traffic with his toddler being towed behind. I’ve seen ones like this before on cycle trips on Sundays. But I’m not sure how safe it is during rush hour in Bangkok’s notorious traffic. It’s riskier enough for adult bikers. I am not sure if I would trust bus drivers even if there is a red flag on the buggy. But my main concern would be the pollution. Being so low down the toddler would get a mouthful of exhaust from buses and trucks. But, I guess it is safer than the Thai families I have seen with a toddler balanced on motorcycle handlebars.

RT @motorcyrubjang: หนูน้อยผจญถนนใน กทม. กลัวมอไซค์ รถเมล์เบียดจังเลยหนู

7 thoughts on “Toddler in a Bicycle “Sidecar” in Bangkok Traffic

  1. I personally dont think it is any safer. Drivers here misjudge distances and it would be easier to ‘clip’ the back of the side car than it would be to hit a motorbike. Looks like complete irresponsibility on the parents part if you ask me.

    1. well said richard , this guy is probably one of those people who thinks he is doing the right thing by not driving a car , but really not thinking about the safety of his kid !!! i would like to smack some common sense into him !!

      1. Or weave in and out of traffic along RamaIV with the parent strapped into a plastic pot on wheels behind me. Lets see how he likes it.

  2. Immagine being stuck behind a bus! I mean a bicycle is great cause you can avoid the traffic but with a beast like that to pull you are just as slow as a taxi or bus

  3. u know i saw alot of this in germany and in holland when i lived there , and if you are on a cycle path this is just fine, but when they went on the road with their kids on tow it made me mad (and the traffic was nothing like bkk) what would happen if a bus misjudged breaking or going around the bike , game over for the kid !!!! there should be laws about some people having kids !!

  4. Somewhere a village is missing its idiot. As stated before, I feel bad for that poor kid getting the low level exhaust full to the face. What a stupid man to gamble with his kids life like this. Even on a big bike, there has been many a day where I get home and I’m like wow, i survived rush hour on two wheels again. This guy has no chance if things go south, he doesn’t have the power to get out of the way quickly. Hopefully someone will recognize him and slap some sense into him.

  5. This is definitely not a good idea!

    There are only two kinds of cyclists:
    Those who have never been injured yet and…
    Those who will be injured.

    I have cycled in Europe three times and all over the Southwest, Northwest and Western United States and Canada.
    I have been seriously injured and hit by a car, I have been hit and injured by people throwing hard objects at me, I have had a gun pointed at me and I never lost my nerve; until I cycled in Bangkok!

    Just two days ago as I cycled in what should be a safe area with no traffic, a security guard was approaching from the opposite direction on his bicycle. He had a bag of soda pop in one hand and was looking over his shoulder goofing around with another security guard. Without warning his bike drifted all the way over straight at me. I was able to avoid a crash but one never knows what to expect.

    Always wear a helmet. I would not cycle around the block without a helmet.

    If the parent of that child reads this, then please listen before it happens to you and your precious child.

    Thanks, Jim

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