GoPro Hero 3 for sale in Bangkok

GoPro Hero 3 for sale in Bangkok


Just seen my first GoPro3 on sale in Bangkok. They have a stand at the Bangkok Motorbike Festival this weekend at CentralWorld. It’s on the ground floor. They are selling the “Black Edition” which is camera and remote control for a reduced price of 16,500 Baht ($554). Full price is 19,800 Baht ($665). The iPhone app which allows you to see “realtime” pictures makes it tempting. But price seems high.


UPDATE: Just found this shop on ground floor of Pantip selling GoPro3 Black Edition (with remote) for 15,000B & Silver Edition for 10,000B. I was tipped off to this shop by @baconBKK who said he was sold the black edition for 10K. Obviously a mistake and his lucky day. But still cheaper than elsewhere.

Up on the 3rd floor I found a shop selling the black edition for the full 19K. I guess the one on the ground floor is selling them on the grey market and is not a registered dealer.

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  1. Just bought Hero3 Black Edition at the same shop for 12000 bath. After reading the earlier post, I think he might really sell it for 10000. I didn’t really try negotiating because I thought he had mixed up the prices between silver and black edition. (he only has the black edition) Camera works, no fake, no re-labeled silver. You won’t get a’real’ invoice though and of course cash only

  2. Hi!
    I am going to Thailand in July and I wanted to ask you if you can tell me where is the shop in which the GoPro Hero3 Black costs 12-15000THB. Is there any way to contact the shop’s owner?
    Waiting for your answer.

      1. Hi, thx. What about the Sony HDR-AS15 Action Camera? Are the price also more convenient than in Europe?
        P.S. I do not pay tax in Thailand, being a Polish citizen, right? How does it work exactly, what if I make a purchase in a normal shop and not at the airport? I heard I can get the corresponding tax value back while leaving Thailand (at the airport), is it correct?

        1. Standard price is 9,900 Baht. If you want to get tax refund you should buy at King Power at the airport. Not sure what price they charge. Many small shops in Bangkok don’t charge VAT anyway.

          1. Thank for all the info. Could you please tell me, if i buy the camera in Thailand, in Italy (where I am travelling from) they won’t charge me import tax, right?

          2. hi am interested in buying this camera in thailand. i am ariving in Thailand on the 3rd OCT and have about 3 hours to shop for this camera can you tell me where on the airport i can shop for this cam

  3. @Magdalena Wojtkiewicz, No, don’t throw away the box. Either have someone else carry it into your country, or mail it to yourself. Sea shipping is cheap, and takes a very long time to arrive. Plus, no one can charge you any taxes for carrying/having/shipping/mailing an empty box…

  4. Cheapest I found in MBK yesterday was on 5th floor 11900 cash or +3% for credit card.
    1 year warranty

    Going to look in Fortune Town today

    1. Fortune Town wasn’t much use 13500B was cheapest price. Most places 14500 or 16500. Will check out Pantip tomorrow and see current prices there.

  5. Final update. Scouted all around Pantip today. Techline as mentioned above was cheapest (they also have shop in MBK which I think is same price). He quoted 11800b + 3% for credit card. I tried to haggle and claim others had got it for cheaper from him. He was having none of it. He was completely aware that the next cheapest price in Pantip is 12500b so he doesn’t need to discount more. If you are more forceful at haggling then maybe. I was clearly intent on buying it so he knew he had a sale!

    Hope this helps.

  6. If you pay by credit card at Techline they wander off to the next stall to use their card machine. As per anywhere in the world, never let your Credit card out of sight. Everything seems fine with them but it always pays to be careful.

  7. Any ideas on cheaper alternatives to Gopro and their cost? I have kids that devour my income so treating myself is on their scraps. I ‘m looking something i can mount comfortably on a road bicycle.

  8. Hi I’m not sure but I think I bought my go pro in you shop and I was wondering do you have any gopro t-shirts stickers that I can buy or know where I can get them ?

  9. Do we get gopro at bkk airport. I will be heading to BKK from pattaya to catch a flight, wont have time to head into town so wondering if I can shop for one at BKK airport

  10. I bought a gopro hero4 silver edition from MBK 5th floor the other day. I spent 13800 and got the ‘selfie stick’ thrown in for free. I’m now panicking about everything to do with my purchase, I was in a rush as I had a bus to catch to Kho Tao. He told me there was a warranty of one year but Iv since looked at the receipt and it looks like it came out of a typewriter and has no mention of the shop name! The bag says techline but I don’t think that was the shop I was in. The thing is that realistically it’s not much cheaper than all the other shops but i am now inclined to think it is dodgy! Do I try to take it back or just accept the potential mistake? I was also hoping to get vat back but the receipt I have doesn’t look likely for that either!

    1. If you had asked for the proper receipt then they would have charged you 7% more. You cannot get VAT back as you didn’t pay VAT in the first place! Like I said in the blog for GoPro4, it is advisable to buy from the authorized resellers as you then get a proper one year warranty. But you have to pay the real full price.

      1. Ah okay. So even the cameras quoted at 14999 were without the VAT! Yeah I know I’m wondering whether to go in and speak to the guy when I’m back in Bangkok in a week or so but realistically chance of a refund is so low 🙁

  11. Hi

    Can anyone provide a recent price for go pro 4 silver edition? Currently on Koh tao and its 15000 baht but wondering if bangkok is cheaper

    Many thanks

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