10 Baht to take a Picture

10 Baht to take a Picture


I don’t know about you, but I am always taking pictures of daily life in Thailand including pictures of food. I normally take pictures of food that I eat but I sometimes take pictures of food stalls. They usually don’t mind. But, it would seem that some food vendors are getting fed up with tourists taking pictures but not buying. This one on Khao San Road is apparently charging 10 Baht to take a picture of the fried insects. What do you think? Fair enough or a bit cheeky?


17 thoughts on “10 Baht to take a Picture

  1. Greed, that’s what it is. Vendors that place themselves with their wares in known tourist areas but are on the street, a public place, can not demand payment for photographs.
    They might show a sign, a tip-box, suggesting a donation. That is fair, but nothing more.

  2. I think it’s cheeky. If you want to sell stuff in tourist areas (and usually at a higher tourist price) then it comes with the territory. Not only that but in a public place its not up to them to charge for photographs.

  3. Like any of he big tourist spots Thailand is one of the most over-photographed places on the planet.
    That said I don’t go for the 10 baht charge for a photo. The photos are free advertising for the vendor
    worth their weight in gold. Of course if they want to put out a photo-tip box, I think that is fair.

  4. Ok, it’s no big deal at 10baht but it is setting a wrong precedent. If it is public it is public. Maybe eventually we would be charged for Wat photos

  5. Khao San isn’t really representative of Bangkok but there is a worry the habit will move to the rest of the city. A few other countries demand money for photos – it’s a tiresome practice and gets in the way of the natural flow of photography. Personally, I’d avoid vendors asking for money.

    Note… there are times where I’ll leave baht in thanks… but it’s situational, not a given.

  6. Coming to think of it, the Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok charges one price for admission and another for taking pictures. I’ve always found that practice strange. I hope other places don’t catch on.

    1. No idea what to think about the practice. The ticket costs 100 baht, plus 100 baht for photos. I guess the end result would be that if a group goes there, only one camera in the group gets used.

      What is perfectly clear, however, is that in a enclosed museum they can have any policy they want… Charging for photos in a public space, however, is wrong and illegal.

  7. People are always taking photos with my kids and we’ve joked about charging. I even saw a t-shirt that said, “Picture with farang 20 baht”.

    1. At the Golden Triangle, there are kids dressed up as hilltribes. They charge tourists to have their picture taken. I’ve seen them get quite angry with some tourists if they try and sneak a picture.

  8. Went to Doi suthep in Chiangmai, we took some pictures with few children dress up in hill tribe outfit and give them 10 baht each, some does not look happy about the price we give!

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