This taxi is willing to go anywhere you like

This taxi is willing to go anywhere you like


This is something which would be nice to see more often in Bangkok. The sign in the front window of this taxi on the passenger side says in Thai, “Go everywhere”. If you have ever tried to call a taxi in Bangkok you probably know that they sometimes refuse to stop for you, and if they do, then they might decline to take you to your destination. But, if true, it looks like this taxi driver is willing to take his passengers to anywhere they like.

RT @taaith: อยากเห็นแท็กซี่อีกหลายๆคัน เป็นแบบนี้บ้างจังคับ ..

10 thoughts on “This taxi is willing to go anywhere you like

    1. How many signs in your home country are in Thai?

      Thais are 99% of the taxi customers, and while it would be nice to have the sign in English (and Russian, Chinese, Japanese) it’s not a requirement. If you’re a tourist, it can be annoying (but you’re here briefly anyway). If you’re an expat, learn Thai!

  1. Victor, the same argument could be taken by the French, the Spanish, the Germans, the Dutch, the Chinese, the Korean, the Japanese etc and soon the driver would not be able to see out of the rear right window. If you live in a foreign country it should be reasonably expected that you are able to communicate on a basic level in the native language. I *think* it says ‘bpai tuk tee krab’. Mind you I’d struggle to read that at more than 30km an hour…

  2. I would agree that this has to be printed in English.
    Bangkok is an international destination where lots of signs and information are in English. Nobody could expect that everyone should need a class in Thai language before you would be allowed to enter Thailand.

    English language is considered the language to use all over the world for communication among people who don´s speak the native language and is also considered the international language in business.

    Telling Victor the same argument is valid for the French, Spanish, Germans etc is just lame… even tourist from that countries would not expect their languages but they would expect English signs and information.

    1. How about Japan? Have you yet been to Tokyo? NO ENGLISH AT ALL!!! No English is allowed and Japanese-only compulsory. What Terje had told is nothing but an euro-american-supremed imperialism as well as racism. Please do never expect people outside the english-speaking world should understand English, alright?

      1. This is a complete ridicolous statement trying to explain this with racism. This is about welcoming their visitors who is a big part of the Thai economy and being able to communicate. English is a world wide language in communication, you can like it or not.

        Even the Thai Ministry of Education addresses improving English skills as a mean to be more competitive and be able to communicating with other countries, even in their own region due to Thailand being a member of the ASEAN community from 2015:
        quote: “English must play a key role in communication for Thais”

        I have been to Tokyo, seen a few English signs, but that don´t make it right for other countries doing the same thing.

        1. Yes it isn’t racism as you indicated but Speak-English-Only imperialism. If you surely believe that everybody understand and speak English it’s Speak-English-Only imperialism. And how about in Spain or Italy? Or even in Paris, France? No one speaks English at all. Why you English speakers didn’t make any of complaint to those whom never try to understand English in non-English countries in europe? If English is the only language you can speak and understand and you naver want to learn other languages please do not travel outside your country, alright?

  3. With a name like Victor Meldrew I think he’s playing Devil’s advocate.
    Do a google for Victor Meldrew and you’ll see why.. he’s a grumpy British sitcom character 🙂

  4. A lot of other countries accommodate for English speaking people including France, Italy and Many other European countries. Obvious in Thailand many signs are going to be in Thai but tourism wise you provide more support to English speaking tourists and you will get more visitors, more spending and more money. English is the most common speaking language and western culture (movies, music, tv shows, games etc) help to introduce English to many non English speaking countries. Not all white people are horrible and deserve to be ripped off.

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