Thais Really Don’t Like to Get a Tan

Thais Really Don’t Like to Get a Tan

This is a classic picture showing that Thais are more worried about not getting a tan than tipping the boat over. It is an early morning commuter boat on the Chao Phraya. The boats are mainly going north-south so one side will get more sun at the start and end of the day. I’ve seen the same at bus stops. People will stand in the shadow of the bus stop sign. Or use a newspaper or magazine to cover their face as they cross the road. I must admit I avoid the sun myself. Not because I don’t want a tan, I just don’t want to warm up too much. But, if there is no choice than I will just stand or sit there and get my daily dose of Vitamin D. It may seem strange, but Thais are most likely to have Vitamin D deficiency than Europeans as they try their best to avoid the sun.

The picture was taken by Sasin Chalermlarp and shared by the guys at Bangkok Tree House.

3 thoughts on “Thais Really Don’t Like to Get a Tan

  1. Hey its pretty normal, you’ll find all Asians are hiding from the sun. come to vietnam in the summer and see how every lady tries to cover herself with hat, mask, shirt, even sarong, when going outside.

  2. take it a bit deeper, dark skin = low-so, woman’s bargain is her looks in life, is there any research data, on relative status awareness in LOS vs. other sunny asian countries, East A. vs. West A. ? or relative lack of a meaningful middle class, what are the trends pro/con both wealth discrepency and larger middle class, perhaps both are growing …

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