Bangkok Bike Map Published on 17 November

Bangkok Bike Map Published on 17 November

I don’t have that many details yet, but I have just heard that a new book called “Bangkok Bike Map” will be published soon on 17th November 2012. It is published by the Green World Foundation and will cost only 80 Baht. Presumably it is only in Thai. The map book is expected to be available in all leading bike shops as well as in book stores. It is also expected to be on sale at the “a day BIKE FEST 2012” which will take place from 22-25 November at Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station. If I can find any more information I will post in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Bike Map Published on 17 November

  1. Having tried a bunch of Thai bookshops for this Thai language book, I finally spotted it yesterday in Kinkokuniya, Central World.
    The majority of the book is maps with the place and road names in Thai, which is okay for me with basic reading skills. There is also around 20 pages of tips for cycling and a kind of ‘Highway Code’ for cyclists which is all in Thai but illustrated.
    It’s interesting to compare to the two copies of ‘driver manuals’ I have both of which, as far as I can tell, contain absolutely ZERO mention – and therefore consideration – of bicycles.

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