School Holidays in Thailand

School Holidays in Thailand

It is time for the school holidays again. If you do your commute in Bangkok then you probably noticed that the traffic was less than normal. This is because some schools have already started to break up for the October holidays. This usually takes place every year towards the end of the rainy season. The holiday usually lasts about a month and the students then go back to school in early November.

In Thailand, Thai schools only have two terms. The first term starts in May and runs until early October. There are no half term breaks, only days off for national holidays. Then term two starts in early November and runs until early March. Again no half term breaks, just public holidays. Christmas is a normal school day and new year holiday is usually only 4-5 days. Summer holidays last for about two months.

These dates are for Thai schools only. International schools usually have the same semesters as the country in which curriculum they follow.

8 thoughts on “School Holidays in Thailand

  1. wow nice to see the children are still in those school uniforms, been there about 10 years ago, and i really loved it, kids still look the same, nice to see the changes in the world dont go to fast out there.

  2. Great pictures! Will school still be in session when my family and I are in Thailand in February? We would love for our kids to visit a local school.

      1. Hi Richard-

        I am very interested to visit. My family and I will be in Bangkok Feb 5-7 and Feb 12-14 (surrounding a trip up to Sukhothai), each set a Tues-Thurs. Are there better/worse days to visit; and how do we arrange a visit (the link in the “visit a school” section is broken).

        Thank you in advance for your help! I think my children would really get a lot of visiting and sharing with similar-aged local children.


  3. Hello Richard- I tried the link to reach you, but wasn’t sure that got through to you. We are planning to visit 14 Feb if that would still work. What is the protocol when we arrive?

  4. Hi there, I wd like to know if i have intents of staying there can i work and at the same time upgrade my studies for example i need a bachelors in IT how much can it cost me the entire course and how long would it be in an English speaking University where i can do evening or weekend program.I like Thailand for its people and cultures

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