True Visions Offers Set-Top Box with 240 Channels and No Monthly Fees

True Visions Offers Set-Top Box with 240 Channels and No Monthly Fees

In order to continue their dominance of the satellite market in Thailand, True Visions have brought out a new set-top box called True Life Plus. According to an article in the Bangkok Post today,  set-top boxes can be installed and connected with both C-band and KU-band satellite dishes. Broadcasting coverage is nationwide and viewers can watch over 200 channels. The full price for the True Life Plus box is 1,590 Baht though there are discounts available. In the advertisement above, it clearly states that you can see 240 channels and that there are no monthly fees. However, you do need to read the fine print before you rush out to buy.

Firstly, the number of channels that you will get depends largely on the size of your satellite dish. I have a large dish (1.8 meter) so I will get all 240 channels if I so wish to purchase this. If you have a 1.5 meter dish you will get 170 channels and a standard TrueVisions dish you will get only 47 channels. Click here to download a file to compare the channels. If you don’t already have a dish, you would need to pay for one to be installed. True are charging 2,050B, 3,200B and 4,200-4,500B for the three different packages depending on the size of the dish. Of course, you don’t need to pay for True to do this if you want to do it yourself. All you then have to pay is the one time cost of 1,590 Baht for the plug & play set-top box.

There are no monthly fees unless you want to pay extra for special channels supplied by True. For example football and boxing.

For more information, you can visit this page in the Thai language.

67 thoughts on “True Visions Offers Set-Top Box with 240 Channels and No Monthly Fees

  1. Richard Barrow,

    I can’t find a list of channels offered by GMM Z on the Internet. Do you know of any site providing this info?

    Also, is it safe to assume that the dish requirements shown in your article for Truevision are the same for GMM Z?

    I think interest in GMM Z will pick up in the coming weeks when people realise they have sole rights to broadcast matches from the Euro Championsghip.


  2. Richard I cannot find any infomation about the “True Life + ” settop box on the True Visions Website, and same as writer above cannot find any list of channels, what gives ??.
    Kind Regards

    1. There is a link in the blog to download a list of channels. True’s websites are hopeless to navigate. They keep changing things around. You will find most channels are in Thai and probably not worth your effort.

      1. Richard,

        No idea how to install it. I brought the true life plus so i want to see the euro football. we already have a UBC box. Should i connect it to the tv or through UBC box? Any visual link to see how?

        1. Sorry, I don’t have one yet but why would you want True box and Truelife. Isn’t it the same? Anyway, both would need to be hooked up to the same dish. On one of my boxes I have a in and out so I can connect two boxes with one dish.

  3. Can someone please help.My home is in Chiang Saen,also have
    apt. in Phayao,have True/Ubc with Dream box in my home.Want
    to record programs on my home tv, so i can watch on tv
    in Phayao.How can i do this.

    1. You can record onto a portable disk and then take this to your other home. You would need a media player (about 3,000+ Baht) to then watch programs on the portable disk. Alternatively, upgrade your Dreambox to one with a hard-disk. Record the programs and then take the dreambox with you back to your apartment.

      1. Richard: thanks for that,upgrading the dreambox seems
        like the best option.approx. how much.

        1. I’m not sure offhand the prices but if you google “dreambox thailand” you will find a couple of websites. BTW, the signal on Dreambox might be blocked in a couple of weeks and so you might want to wait and see.

  4. truevision are trying to sell me a new ubc box at 4,500.00bht as they say the old one will not work with the
    new system, this seems very expencive.I have requested information on the True plus set top box at 1,595.00 but
    been inforned that it only has Thai channels, all 240!!
    Can you advise.
    My apartment is in Phuket.

    1. Matt
      Fox (#36) is in English and the Asean station is also English (mostly). That is all the stations out of 240 that are in English. The Gmmz box has 2 stations that are broadcast “sometimes” in English, but I have not managed to time it right to watch.

  5. Hi Richard i believe Truevisions is switching over to the
    new NDS system,so the Dreambox will become defunct on the
    16th july do you have any suggestions re this.

  6. hi there, can anyone help me here, i have true vision gold 4 years already but with the old box. i pay 1414 b. per month and they want me to buy a new box for 3700 b. i think this is redicilously (sorry i am not a english writer)

    is there a cheeper way to get a new box?

    thanks so much for your respond!

  7. You can get the new box for free, however, if you want to record anything you have to pay about 3,500 baht, (seems to vary) for the 500GB hard disc!

  8. thanks keith, but the free special on the new boxes (i dont need recording) ended with the end of june and now the want 3900 baht for a new one. when i called them, the say new box 3900 baht but the dont mention a box without recording opion for free. please tell me where i can get one for free. cheers, barbara

  9. At present i am living in a hotel in Udon, if i buy a Truevision box could i plug it into the connection in my room and receive the channels.
    I want to watch the football (epl)

  10. The hotel has a huge dish and they get Sat. progs. but they are all in Thai, could i piggyback on to there system.

  11. i have a dreambox DM 600 PVR S and have been told it will work in Thailand but requires a LNB feed from a satellite dish, obviously the larger 1.8M dish would be best. will Tru vision fit this size dish with the basic package of just a set top box or would i have to subscribe some how for the year………i look forward to your answer……..Cheers Gary

  12. Hello Richard,
    I am currently living in a apartment building in Sukhumvit. I got the free true life + box and it does not work with Cable KU band as the building does not permit anyone to put their own satellite and doesnt have their own. My True Visions Gold (which i am deactivating soon) works, they said its a different system, would you say that this set-top box would work? i have GMMZ with C band and it works as well
    Please advise

  13. Hi there,
    I just bought a Gmmz box in Hatyai and after following the installation procedures I don’t seem to be able to watch those free programs. According to the dealer Malaysia capable of receiving the free programs listed on GMMZ. Is there a restriction in Malaysia? There is no violation of law saying you cannot purchase box like GMMZ or others and connect via Astro’s dish. Please help?

  14. Just wondering how many Channels have English language or a Thai / English language option, especially the news channels?

    Any advise appreciated, thanks.

  15. Hi Richard.
    I have yust moved from Australia, and would like to watch Australia Network for the Australian rules football. I have searched the internet and found you can purchase your own disk antune it in
    the required settings, i was told i need a dish 2.4m to 6 metres deoending on your location, i live on the outskirts of Ratchaburi, so there are no high buildings. After making enquiries in Ratchaburi i can’t find any one with a dish more than 1.8m and nobody seems to interested in installing the dish and programing the dish. I would really appreciate some advise.
    Thank you

  16. The fact is this guys are always out to cheat the foreigners, this is standard procedure in Thailand, being a foreigner means > being cheated. The other day they “upgraded” me to a package where I had to pay about Baht 700 more without telling me first. Now most channels are not working anymore they show a square color pattern over the whole screen. There is no connection to to tell them. They also made about 90% of the channels Thai only, do you speak Thai? Even the F1 got a totally incompetent Thai commentator. In the country almost everything is totally incompetent, all in all, switch to Malaysia Astra they speak English at least. O yes they even are not capable to handle the satellite, when there is som e rain there is no picture this is the worst stupidity

  17. Hi ,
    Im in the philippines , interested in premiership football and champions league. would this box be available for sale and will it work?

  18. I went 240 true-visions channels, so i can watch english premiere league thanks ,i am waiting .call me now 0870720365

  19. Just moved to BKK and looking for an apt. I need to use the internet at home to teach a language online, mostly in the early evenings. Also would like cable TV, English language stations and no sports.

    One building’s mgt co. has already purchased phone/Internet (wifi and ADSL) for 1000/mo. from TOT. No wait. Cable would be separate, of course.

    A colleague suggests True Life + package. Do you know the price update (I don’t speak Thai)? Does this use a dish? Will it be good enough to conduct an online class using Adobe Connect with 6-8 participants from nearby countries?

    Your expertise will be appreciated!

  20. So… I bought “True” Mainly because it has/had MTV and MUTV…
    Overall the service is good (I loose the picture during heavy rain because the installers refused to bend over!)BUT They have changed MTV to Thai MTV?
    AND I am now litening to Man UTD Vs Man City on “Radio” – what is the point!!
    I have Satalite to get radio? – Like my Grand Father!!!

    1. Man UTD TV is the same as UK – u can watch the match “After midnight” But in Thailand that can mean in 2 days from 4PM and 7 PM ish.

      The Worldcup is supose to be free?
      So we can all put up aerials!?

      I also want Wimbledon….
      (But don’t want Gold all year – just for the pivalage…)

      Keep us informed about set tops

  21. Hi richard,

    Kindly advise the right cable TV to purchase in view of the coming worldcup in brazil. I live in pattaya.


  22. Hi Richard, can you help me? We’ve ditched our TrueVisions Platinum package as not worth the money, and now have Expat TV which is fantastic for Brits. However, we still have the UBC standard satellite dish and wonder whether any of the typical Thai set top boxes will work with it. We want to offer our Thai staff a TV system they can watch when we are away and they are house-sitting.

    1. I was in the same position as you. I also cancelled Truevisions and then subscribed to ExpatTV. But needed something for the Thais in the household. My solution at the time was this TrueLife+ box. I’m not sure if the offer is still there, but I got it for FREE as I have True H account. I then just plugged it into the satellite fish that they didn’t take away. There are no monthly fees. You could also consider other boxes like the one by GMM.

      1. Thanks for your reply, but I checked the True website and this is no use to me as we have CAT Fibreoptic internet. I also checked the GMM site and again does not seem to be subscription-free.

        1. Do you have True for your mobile phone? With GMM, they should have a basic free package with the Thai channels. Your alternative is to get a digital TV box which gives free Thai channels. Plug it into your roof aerial or buy an indoor aerial.

          1. We have AIS for our mobile phones, so will have to go for the free Thai TV channel box. Thanks for all your information.

  23. hi Richard.
    I am looking into setting up the tv system for 31 rooms in a resort in kanchanaburi Thailand. Cable seems ok but 48,000 Bht set up and yearly
    channel fees of 23,800 Bht is not what i’d like to pay. True life+ doesen’t have Enough enlish channels. the resort next door has it’s own satellite tv with no monthly costs. do you have a suggestion i don’t mind an intial high cost lay out if we can use the same system for years to jsat tv through our wifi an good option?

  24. Hi Richard
    i am an Aussie now living in Nang Rong.
    At present we just have sunbox,i want to know my best options for mail
    nlt sports, tennis golf etc.
    which is best true vision or other network. I want to be able to record if possible.Bruce

    1. I’m sorry I haven’t had any recent experience with these satellite boxes. However, for sport have you considered Internet TV? For example 365Sport or ThaiExpatTV. You cannot record but you can watch seven days on demand.

    2. Bruce,

      With 365 Sport TV or ThaiExpat TV, you CAN record – however, you do need to have it open to do so, you can not set a specific time of day for it to automatically begin recording. If this does not satisfy you, I would recommend getting iLikeHD. Having taken Richard’s advice, I subscribed to 365, and it was decent, but if it rains heavily or anything – good luck trying to watch. On the other hand, iLikeHD (which does not have the ability to record, at all), has lots of back-up channels. Say you want to watch a Premier League game – you can do so through Astro (via 365/iLikeHD), CTH (CTH itself, AIS Mobile BPL, iLikeHD, GMMZ), or BT Sport/Sky Sports (iLikeHD).

      I currently have an annual subscribtion to 365, but later realised that iLikeHD is not only less costly, but also has lots more channels. The service has more than just sports channels but also things like HBO, AXN, and such.

      I hope this helps you to decide.


      1. Thanks Adam for your comments. I haven’t tried iLikeHD yet. It’s next on my list to test out. On 365Sport I cannot record on the Android box. I presume you use the computer version. About rain stops play, I’ve never experienced that kind of thing. Is it something to do with your Internet cable in front of your house?

        1. Richard,

          It isn’t the internet cable, which has has no issues whatsoever. Also, usually this sort of issue would be with satellite boxes, indicating that the issue is the signal between Astro and 365SportTV. With internet, it would just start to buffer. Sometimes it also has that little box in the centre of the screen displaying Astro’s message that there isn’t any signal, unfortunately I cannot recall what it says :(.

          However, it is clear that 365SportTV acknowledges such problems, while not in most instances. Here is a quote from an email they sent to their subscribers in November of 2014:

          “Due to a network related issue at our data centre, our server instruction the players to allow access to the service was blocked and users could not login to watch the Newcastle v Newcastle [Liverpool, actually] match.”

  25. I am in Malaysia. I bought a gmmz sd decoder from Hatyai a while back I didn’t buy the dish cuz I already had a small astro dish ( Malaysian sat TV) but I did however change the receiver on the dish cuz apparently Thai Ku band use different frequency. 12khz or 13khz not sure.

    It has 1 free English channel (fox) and other dual audio channels. Plus I can subscribe to more English channels if I want via prepaid cards sold in 7 eleven in thailand. Monthly or yearly.

  26. I am living in an apartment building in Bangkok/Sathorn area which has free cable TV offering BBC World, Al Jazeera and Channel News Asia. However when it rains we lose BBC World for days on end. I am looking for a satellite TV which carries these same news channels as well as German, French and Spanish TV. Many people in the building have dishes on their balcony – they appear to belong to True – but I have no idea what channels they watch. Can you tell me if True has a package offering the news channels I require.

  27. Richard , I am living in Pattaya and would like to receive and watch English speaking TV programs . I have cable and sick of looking at the same programs. I can put up a dish. What system can I put in to solve my problem. Thanks in advance.

  28. Dear Mr. R. Barrow,
    I should like to learn about the updating of the program that enable me to find the TV channel I need. Does it need to update any related program regularly? Last week I found some channels had lost, i.e. not found on my TV screen so I asked the agent in Khon Kaen to fix it. A technician came and loaded a program for a few moments and it was finally workable. He gave a bill of 700 Baht for his service. I don’t think it is appropriate to ask as that much. If within a few weeks more, the same event happens again what should I do ? Pay again for the service?? I do not feel happy to appreciate the offer of the TRUE VISION in Northeast Thailand. Please let me know if you have any ideas on this respect. Many thanks. Amnuaysilpa Suksri

  29. I want to put true vision package on my tv ,whom shall contact, any telephone for enquiry? I am in Soi 46, Banga Trat. Thank you

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