How to contact Richard Barrow

I have purposely made it difficult for people to contact me. This is because I was getting so many requests and questions from people that I was unable to cope. PLEASE don’t use the following form to ask me to help plan your holiday or to answer a question about Thailand. Use this form only to contact me. No questions please. I have a day job, and believe it or not, I also have a life! If you have a question then please post it on my Facebook page or Twitter feed where I answer all questions that I receive. Thank you for your understanding.

Note for media, I don’t do interviews! But you are welcome to quote me.
Note for advertisers, I don’t accept any advertising or sponsored posts on any of my blogs

If you want to submit a press release about your hotel, tourist attraction or event then please visit this page.


Please don’t ask me to book a taxi to pick you up at the airport, be your tour guide for the day, show you how to export a Tuk Tuk, introduce you to the King, organize your festival, investigate a missing person, visit a friend of a friend in prison, etc. etc. These are all real requests sent from this page. I also get a lot of requests from complete strangers who want to buy me a beer or just spend the day with me. I am flattered about their interest in me, but quite frankly, I do have a life and I don’t really want to sit in a taxi for an hour or two crossing town to meet someone I’ve never met and will probably never meet again. Sorry for sounding so harsh.