The “Contemporary World Film Series” returns to TK Park with the Iranian movie Leila

The popular “Contemporary World Film Series” at TK Park in Bangkok returns in February with a screening of “Leila”. The movie is directed by the well-known film-maker Darius Mehrjui from Iran and is considered one of the top Iranian films of all time.

‘Leila’ is an intimate story of Leila and Reza, a much-in-love married couple from the upper strata of society, who have great families and grand social gatherings. When Leila discovers she can’t have children, her husband is cool about it. But not his mother, who convinces her that a child is necessary, and she must allow Reza to marry again. The couple are disturbed, but feel their relationship is strong enough to endure it. It’s after Reza marries again, however, that they realize they are much more affected than they expected.

The movie will be screened at 4pm on Saturday 4th February. The Iranian ambassador will introduce the movie. Entry is 20 Baht. TK Park is on the 8th floor of CentralWorld in Bangkok. Seats should be reserved in advance by contacting [email protected] or [email protected]

Source: Lekha Shankar

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