Live Photo Blog: Christmas Lights at CentralWorld in Bangkok

Thai people love celebrating festivals. It’s doesn’t really matter if it’s one of their own or one from elsewhere in the world. A prime example of this are the Christmas trees that can be seen in malls and hotels at this time of year. Though for Thais this is more to do with new year festivities than anything religious. One of the best displays of new year decorations in Bangkok can be found in front of CentralWorld. This year they have a special light and sound show from 20-26 November and then normal lights until early January 2018.

The following photos were uploaded live at a special media preview tonight.


One thought on “Live Photo Blog: Christmas Lights at CentralWorld in Bangkok

  • November 16, 2017 at 9:30 pm


    Thailand does everything so well and their decorations make most of those in London look so drab and boring in comparison…


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