Day 4 of Trip to Isaan for Christmas

These are the photos that I tweeted live on the fourth and last day of my trip to Northeastern Thailand. I was visiting Yasothon for their annual Christmas Star Parade. Click here for Day 1Day 2, and Day 3. Also visit Thailand Photo Map for GPS coordinates of all the places that I visited. The last day was mainly traveling back home. But we did visit the national museum in Ubon and had lunch at a popular Vietnamese restaurant. The following photos were tweeted live on Twitter.

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One thought on “Day 4 of Trip to Isaan for Christmas

  • December 28, 2016 at 3:37 am

    Hi Richard

    It looks amazing!

    I am a regular visitor to Bangkok but rarely make it out of the city, not through laziness but because that’s where all my Thai friends are.

    You blog has definitely motivated me to see much more of Thailand!

    Thank you so much and have a great New Year!


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