British Backpacker Grace Taylor Missing in Thailand


British backpacker Grace Taylor has gone missing in Thailand. Her mother, Sam Taylor, has reached out to the online community and backpackers in Thailand to help find her daughter. The following are the two Facebook posts she made on Monday:

Our daughter Grace Taylor has not made contact with her family since Tuesday 16th February from her hostel in Pattaya, as she is travelling/backpacking in Thailand. She has now been reported as a missing person and we urge you to share this, particular amongst those of you who have family or people you know travelling in Thailand in the hope that she has been seen or someone knows her whereabouts. Please reach out to the backpacking community in Thailand by sharing to find Grace. If anyone has any information please call Dorset Police on 101. Thank you.

A few hours later, she posted this update on Facebook:

Grace contacted us at 11am today from Ao Nang, she was very stressed and frightened saying that people were trying to hurt her and were following her and she wanted to come home. We calmed her down and booked her a flight from Krabi tonight but she never arrived at the airport by taxi and has gone missing again. We are desperately worried, all previous backpacker sightings have reported that she is disorientated and not in a god mental state. Please can I reach out to the backpacker community once again to look out for her and get her safe. We are flying out tonight to come and bring her home.

The last known location of Grace Taylor is Ao Nang in Krabi, Southern Thailand


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